Should I invest in another GameCube Memory Card?


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Jul 14, 2013
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I have recently found a collection of gamecube games that I would like to complete, but if I want to play them I may need another memory card. My first memory card has very minimal space(52 blocks) and my other one corrupts saved data(which I recently found out today). Should I get another memory card?
Well, the answer is pretty obvious, yes. I mean, you can't play your games without one, so it would be a very smart move to buy one.
I actually transfer my GameCube saves to my PC every once in a while in case my memory cards are ever corrupted. Lost my Resident Evil saves a while back and wasn't very happy about that.
Of course... if you can find one. Also make sure to keep it in a secure area. I flipping lost my other memory card and I'm still rather put out by that.
A gamecube memory card isn't that expensive now and days I can tell you that for sure! I buy mine off the internet because I know what is good(as in official and cheap) than bad(as in a duplicate and horrible). I recently bought a memory card for five dollars and it works like a charm! I haven't gotten any problem with my memory card. Also since you find many gamecube games interesting why not? Also I recommend buying a gamecube card with more blocks since 52 seems to be really small.
I would, especially if you have any hope of playing those games. Besides like everyone says they are relative inexpensive nowadays, I actually just looked it up and you can find them on amazon for as cheap as 9 dollars. So I think that it's totally worth it!
Yo, go hunt one down bro!
They're like £1 these days!
Just make sure you keep it safe like Esperahol said cause thos things are flippin' small and get lost so easy!
If you want to play the games then yeah, I would think it's a good idea. Personally, I still tend to play older games downloaded on either the WII or PS3. These games tend not to take up much space to save, so I don't think I'll ever need another memory card for a long time. Downloading the games does require quite a bit of space though.
Yeah they're a necessity really if you want to play a variety of games. I recommend hitting up eBay, you can get some 128mb/2000+ blocks for £4.50 , a real bargain.
You really should to be honest. It would be a smart move. I for example have around 4 memory cards but also a backup unoffical memory card just in case one stops working.
Yes, get like... ten.

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