Skating games for Wii


Nov 7, 2012
Are the Wii skate games any good? They sound like they could have serious potential, similar to oldschool arcade games, but I've heard negative reviews about the wii tony hawk games. Anyone know if there are any good ones?
The Wii Stake games aren't "very" bad. But they aren't "very" good either. They're all pretty average. And that's mainly because it shows vividly that EA didn't put the same effort into the Wii versions that they did the other systems.
This pretty much sums it up. They're average games for casual players, which unfortunately is the main audience for the Wii. Many games that were adapted for the Wii, ended up being mediocre adaptations, because they priorized quantity before quality, which is a shame, because many titles that would having been interesting adaptations, ended up just as mediocre, casual adaptations.
I'd imagine they'd be 'good' if you can get them at a 'good' price. If you're paying more then $25 for both the game and skateboard then you might be a little disappointed in them. Just my opinion. My friend has it for the wii and he enjoys it but he got it second-hand for roughly $18 so to him it was a pretty good deal. Just depends on how much you spend on it if you're gonna be getting the Wii version as opposed to another console.

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