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Jan 8, 2014
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Well, this problem seems to be very trivial, but I am investigating anyway. It happens that my Pikmin 3 disc cover is slowly tearing (I mean the paper of the disc cover) and I guess that it is because of the heat generated while spinning inside of the console. The bottom of the disc, which is what matters, is as if today were its first gaming day. The disc has about 60 hours of use. To date I have no problem with the operation of the disc.

Here the image:

Please look at it!
I worry about two things:
1- The one I consider unlikely and which im not worried about as the part that reads wii u is intact: that for some reason this disk malfunction.
2- That the particles torn from the cover of the disc reach an internal element of the console, as the optical reader ...

What do you think i should do?
Are games covered by a warranty? It seems to me that tiny particles would in fact, affect the operation of the console. One option I can suggest, and I know this sounds odd, is remove the rest of the paper yourself. The game won't have a sticker, but you will eliminate the risk of tiny scraps making their way into the laser reader and motor.
If you are in the U.S., take the game to any store with a relaxed return policy, like Target or Walmart and ask them to swap it out for the same game.

Otherwise, just take curved scissors and cut the pieces of the label that stick out as close to the surface as possible without scratching the disc. Remember, the information is actually at the top of the disc, even though the laser reads it from the bottom, so don't scratch it.
Thank you for the information Crunch. I actually didn't know that the data was on the top. Scratching the disc just prevents the laser from reading through the scratch?
Yeah, that's why those over-the-counter solutions for scratched discs (sometimes) work. If the scratch isn't deep enough and you can fix the scratched area enough for the laser to read through, the disc will work.
CD surfacing tools do sometimes work. I would say my success ratio is about 40%, give or take 5%. For some reason, CDRs are easier to fix. I wonder if that's due to the fact they were made to be written on in the first place?

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