Smash Bros WiiU: First Reactions


Oct 25, 2014
Wii U
I'm sure some of you went to the midnight release of Super Smash Bros WiiU. I got my copy, but unfortunately my Gamestop was out of the bundle.

As far as the graphics go, the game is absolutely beautiful. I knew it would be a huge upgrade given the WiiU's HD capabilities, but it was better than I expected. Everything is so fluid and the stages blew my mind.

However, I didn't get to play with a gamecube control, so it didn't feel right as I was playing with my friends. I had the ProControl, but it still didn't feel "right".

Did anyone else get the game? If so, did you play with a gamecube control?

I'm so happy with the game itself and I foresee many nights playing with my friends for hours.
I have not gotten the game as yet but I seriously cannot wait to. The game store down here in my country says that they will be getting it in a few days and I really cannot wait any longer!
DiscC i love your avatar!!!

I'm supposed to get it for Christmas. it doesn't matter if its good or not, i know I'm gonna like it. ill let you know.
Are the koopa kids on it? I'm a little upset the new GC controllers won't work with anything else
I am playing it with the gamepad cuz my Gamestop didn't have the adapter :-(. I have the same feelings about the game. It is my new favorite video game! The gamepad isn't bad, but it is not as good as the gc mote, but it is a good sub until i get adapter.
I have yet to get the game, but the guy in our dorm got it and we all got together to play. I have to agree that the graphics are gorgeous. It's definitely a whole new level of Super Smash Brothers. I am still getting used to the controls. I play with a GameCube controller and although the moves are nearly alike, there are some differences to the characters' moves. For example, Sheik becomes flexible when dodging. I've never seen that before and it shocks me out of auto-pilot mode.

Plus, playing with 8 people is too much, in my opinion. I find it amazing that they allow that now, but it's just way too much. It's too difficult to find where you are; which I guess is the fun of it.

For those who don't have it, I recommend getting it for Black Friday. I think that would be a wonderful time to get it (other than the midnight release). Also, I recommend getting Pokemon Omega/Alpha on that day, too!
I have a buddy of mine that should be getting the game soon and I think that I will be at his house everyday. I am getting really tired of having to watch the videos of the game on youtube.
If I buy Smash Bros Wii U, will anyone here play with me?

I'd like to do a best 3 out of 5 where the loser has to wear this avatar for a week:

A really good game. Have had lots of fun playing it. I prefer to play it with the Gamecube adapter since it feels more natural with the game.
I love doing the challenges and collecting the trophies and cds. I completed all the some of them were absolutely brutal.

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