SNES Games You Missed


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Aug 5, 2013
Nintendo 64
Today its easy to find out about any game that will come out and know what to save your money for. But back in the SNES days (for me at least) it wasn't easy learning about the big games out there or know what to get.

Was there any game you know you wanted to play today but didn't know back then during the SNES days?

Back when I had the SNES, I never knew about A Link To The Past and a few times I got some cheap 3rd rated games instead of playing that masterpiece.
with the VC I'm loving it because now i can finally try Yoshi's Island
Funnily enough, the original F-Zero. This was a game I was reading about in all the game magazines and was saving up to purchase. I placed a pre-order at my local game store but apparently the store clerk messed up the order and the game never arrived. They promised me that I'd have the game eventually but that never transpired. Eventually I gave up on it and spent my money on other games. I only managed to get hold of F-Zero recently, through the VC store.
I missed Metroid. I've never played anything from that franchise besides a handful of hours worth of Metroid Prime on the GameCube.
I don't think I missed a lot from the SNES, though... I managed to at least play a ton of games, so Metroid is the only I can think of right now that I would've liked to play and never did. Ownership is a whole other thing, though!
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. Most people don't consider it a numbered FF game; or that it was even worth mentioning. I thoroughly enjoyed the story, the characters, and the areas you visited. I don't know; to each their own. I never played it until the PS1 ERA though, so I felt out of the loop. It's a very legit game.
I have never played the Final Fantasy games for SNES sadly. I love FF VII and up, but I haven't got around to playing the older ones yet. Final Fantasy IV is on Steam, so that may be a good place to start...
I would also like to try Earthbound, I am seeing that game EVERYWHERE, and I've only heard good things about it.
Something that will surely make a lot of people cry out in disbelief: Chrono Trigger! :( This is a game that I'm repeatedly seeing in SNES Best Games of All Time lists, and I'm always reading about how amazing it was and somehow I just missed it. I just never heard about it until years later from a friend who was on his fourth or fifth run-through. I've actually been keeping an eye out for it at flea markets and yard sales, because I actually wouldn't mind giving it a try now.
I'm in the same boat as Demon_skeith where I also missed out on a Link to the Past. I'm currently talking to a friend who has an old Super Nintendo and hoping that he will lend it to me so I can catch up on the awesome games I keep hearing about!