SNES or MegaDrive/Genesis!?


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Mar 20, 2013
Okay let's settle this, what was the better console honestly!? The SNES or the MegaDrive?
I owned both and enjoyed both for different types of games. I think I may have played my genesis just a little bit more though in all honesty. :)
This is a battle that can never be easily settled. Of course, I'm more of a fan of SNES than Mega Drive. However, you cannot count out exclusives such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Toe Jam & Earl. I was a lucky little brat in the 90's so I got to have both and I must honestly say that they really balanced out well against each other in terms of my affection for their respective titles. It was a great generation of games, especially when they were the cutting edge, but many of them have survived the test of time even until today.
BTCGuru81 said:
they really balanced out well against each other
Until you turned up the volume on your TV and realized the Genesis sound was destroying your hearing. :p
The Sega Genesis was a case study in why patience is a good thing in the world of hardware sales. Nintendo has always been stalwarty slow when it comes to adopting new technology and they've taken it over the head for this practice. There's a good argument on both sides of the issue, but with Nintendo being one of the only companies selling their hardware at a profite instead of eating a loss to be made up on software backends, it's a hard argument to make against them. Sega pushed 16bit technology before it was ripe, and they reaped the benefits of being the first ut of the gate. The Genesis really did do serious damage to Nintendo's sales figures and pumped out their share of iconic titles, too. But halfway through the Super Nintendo's cycle, the limitations of Genesis were really being felt and this was a stark contrast to the SNES which had more modern hardware to keep it fresh even as the console aged. Certainly, the midi processor Sega was using was not as capable or lush as Nintendos. But I would argue a number of games used it's unique frequencies to good effect. And the Genesis did have the game with the funkiest music ever produced from a console. (Toe Jam & Earl, 1 & 2)
I think it's hard to argue which one is really better since it is a very subjective term, but I do prefer Megadrive a bit more. I didn't really notice it that much at the time when I was playing it, but looking back now I appreciate the sound and music a lot more on the Sega systems. I'm actually amazed at how well they made everything sound, and how well they put together the music and sound effects on all the games, even the bad ones, especially considering that the technology wasn't as developed then as it is now. I think all the music they had on those systems still hold up until today, I can even still remember the Sonic soundtracks because it was that well done.
Genesis for me all the way. The visuals, the range of titles, the fact I was able to get a lot of great deals on Genesis games... amongst other things. I just loved it more, although I must say Nintendo ended up whooping on Sega further down the line.
I had the benefit of being an only child (and spoilt) so I had both and constantly flipped in my preferences.

20 years on, for me the SNES stands out above the Megadriver hands down. In retrospect, the Megadrive was definately 'cooler' ie blood in Mortal Kombat for God's sake (that was epic as a teenager) but the SNES has it all over the Megadrive for its immense libarary of timeless games. As a guy in his mid 30s, it's all about the gameplay and the SNES delivers in this respect.
SNES is the best. With games like Mario world, ALttP, SMW2:YI, F-Zero, Super Mario Kart, Chrono Trigger, secrets of Mana, Mario RPG, Donkey kong Countries, super Battletoads, Final Fantasy III, and much more.
In the end, I think Nintendo had a better library of titles. Genesis did have it's share of classics, such as Sonic, Star Control, and Fairy Tale. I think the Genesis had better sports games, but the SNES blew it away when it came to RPGs. Genesis had a better port of Mortal Kombat, mainly because they chose to leave in the violence(with a code). I sometimes wonder if the Genesis had a better processor too, because I never noticed Genesis games slowing down. All in all, I prefer the SNES, but there was never a greater rivalry then the SNES and the Genesis.
Wow, this is a hard one cause I loved both. I think in the long run I played my SNES more, and that was because of Final Fantasy III, Zelda and the mario games. But I really did love my genesis though, I played Altered Beast and Golden Axe like there was no tomorrow.
Yes, I remember Altered Beast quite well. One of the funnest games ever invented was on the Genesis, in the form of Cyborg Justice. The SNES is still a notch about the Sega in terms of games however.
Well... okay - which company is still making consoles? Fatality! Nintendo wins! Now I need a gif of Satoru Iwata or Shigeru Miyamoto or Eiji Aonuma in 16bit doing a victory pose. I will make this gif I think.
Haha, that would e really funny, post the GIF if you make one!
From a technological standpoint the SNES beats the Genesis in everything but the 'blast processing', I would really recommend the Angry Video Nerd comparison right here:


It does a great job at realistically comparing the two consoles side by side, and it pretty much points out why the SNES is simply a better console. The Genesis had a huge marketing drive but the gameplay just wasn't there.
I never owned the MegaDrive, so SNES hands down for me. The feel of the games was great, especially after playing NES for as long as I did. Many of the popular titles that were released were as good as expected, which was a huge plus. the MegaDrive was revolutionary in its own right, but the SNES was one of my all time favorite consoles and it's not even close
I feel like they both were really fun games. I never had to choose one or the other because I had them both at different times, but after owning both I think I remember having the most fun on the Super Nintendo. It had some games that were coming out on Playstation towards the end and I thought that was pretty cool.
The SNES had too many better games in all categories. The only genesis games that I can remember are the sonic ones. Those games are the only one's that competed with the SNES.
I had both systems at different times in life. I had the genesis first and I only enjoyed playing the Sonic and Mortal Kombat games. I had a Street Fighter game for it too and it was okay I guess. When I got the snes I think I there was more variety in the games I enjoyed. the fighting games were a lot more fun and the man that controller was awesome. Snes got the win in my opinion
The Sega Genesis was certainly great, but I have to admit that I'm all SNES on this one^^ I'm not really neutral on this subject since I had a SNES but no Sega, but games like Link to the past, the Megaman series, Earthworm Jim, Contra and more are just the SNES's strong point where Sega can't keep up also they had some really strong titles themselves.