SNES start screens (all of them)


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Sep 19, 2012
If you're a fan of start screens, you can now watch start screens from every single SNES game combined in one 9-hour video.

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This is really cool! Not sure anyone would be bothered to watch all 9 hours though, I mean that's quite a lot.
Are you kidding me?!!! Talk about flashbacks. I can't believe we had to sit and watch this back in the day. I feel 10 years old again.
Whoever made that YouTube video really has a lot of time on their hands! I watched probably 10 minutes of it and was in nostalgia-land! I think this would be such a fun forum event where we all would watch this either live stream or at the same time and chat about the games. If not a forum event, then I would totally do this with a group of friends. Forget Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and any other movie series that's 9+ hours. THIS is what we should all watch instead!

Thanks for sharing it! It's truly inspirational and definitely makes me feel old! Haha!
I can't believe that it actually takes nine hours to make it through them all. However, thinking back to my impatience, some of them did take longer than others. Most of the time you could skip through the majority of the start screens by pressing start, but some still made you wait through some of it before proceeding. I can remember being so impatient waiting on that.

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