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Mar 25, 2016
I bought a couple Best Buy gift cards at a discount, and I'm getting an external SSD with them for my Wii U:

The reason why I'm getting it isn't because of delusions of speed, it's because I think it won't need a Y cable because it's a SSD, which would keep one USB free on the Wii U when using the drive, all the while powering the drive steadily (in theory at least)...
Why not something like this? It's a lot more compact and will work for sure. And cheaper at $30. SanDisk Ultra Fit 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

And I don't think SSDs are actually that much more power efficient than hard drives... I've been trying to find details though - seems some SSDs can draw up to 1.8a while I think the Wii U outputs 0.9-1.3a
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Solid advice. I mean, that 128GB flash drive is a better deal than what I'd thought it'd be. Best Buy wants more for them.

Unfortunately, they processed my order for the SSD at Best Buy, which means I can't cancel it. I should have made this thread before having an order waiting in limbo, for sure.

I guess it isn't too bad of a deal when you figure I got the gift cards for around $20 less, and Amazon would probably charge me like $6 to ship that USB in a reasonable manner since I don't have Prime.

Also, most articles you find on the internet, do say SSDs tend to require less wattage and such than HDDs.
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It should be small. If you open up the average 2.5" SSD the chips usually only take up one side and the rest is all plastic.

And you can always return the SSD to a Best Buy store as soon as it arrives - though to be fair I can't imagine them having much else of interest. I ended up using up a Best Buy gift card by buying pillows and a pizza cutter.
I decided I'm not taking something back simply for the reason of saving $20. Too much hassle and then I would have to explain to them and all that.

By the way, it arrived:

Update: It seems to work fine even with one cable. I was playing Mario Kart 8 off of it. Great drive :).
good job @Shane. I went with Seagate Backup Plus 3 TB. I was very concerned with the whole y cable business, but i have not had problem one with this thing. The only thing I've noticed so far is in the main hub in Splatoon, all the other squids come in a little slower. I've noticed nothing else at all.

Funny, when i got my wii u i swore i never ever would need more than 32 GB.
I think everyone thinks that they'll have more than enough storage and we never think that we'll use up what a console comes with but that isn't the case.

These days the games are a lot bigger than they used to be, so being able to connect an external drive to a device, is becoming more and more important than ever.
Mostly with PS4 and Xbox One, because those require you to install every single game to the HDD - and many games weigh in at over 30GB. Wii U can play directly off the disk, and downloaded games are usually a bit smaller.

And if the NX uses cartridges to avoid loading times, then a HDD becomes unneeded again. I can see Nintendo coming out with a NX console with only 8-32GB of storage, and that console being perfect for the majority of people that just buy cartridges.
While I take your point about the cartridges, I still feel as though people will be used to saving their games to HDD, so will want the storage there I'd they need it.

On the PS4 now for example, I can't remember the last time I put a disc in the machine as I've got used to downloading and having instant access to the games. Going back to cartridges might seem a bit I'd a backward step, even though in reality it might not be.

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