Strengths & Weaknesses of the SNES

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Jun 17, 2015
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The SNES was a legendary game console that was well designed for the most part. It's biggest rival was the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive which was released several years earlier. Without a doubt, the SNES could output more colors, albeit at a lower resolution when compared to the Genesis. It also boasted a superior sound chip, although the Genesis's FM-synth sound is making a comeback in the chiptune community these days.

However, the SNES did have a weaker processor that just couldn't keep up with the mighty Motorola 68000 in Sega's machine. When we look at the games library of both systems, we find that the SNES was better suited for rpg's that had very pretty and colorful vistas. While the Genesis was the machine to go for arcade conversions and other action-heavy games.

Find any other strengths and weaknesses in the SNES?
To me a few of the strengths are the controller, series games were fairly original since it was the 2nd platform, and the amount of games. It's main weakness would probably be the graphics.
Right out of the box, they had a controller with 6 buttons. The Sega Genesis only had 3 but later they upgraded to 6 buttons several years later when fighting games required it. SNES has a better sound engine and higher color count, if I remember correctly. From a side by side comparison Mortal Kombat looked and sounded better on the SNES.

A friend of mine, flat out told me that the Genesis version sucks.

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