Super Smash Bros. 4 Wii U Release Date Announced!

Do you think that Smash U will release on 11/21?

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Sep 16, 2014
Wii U
I have heard of a rumor floating around that Smash U will release November 21st. What do you think? Post below.
its a safe bet. that seems to be a magical date for Nintendo, as many Zeldas were released on that day. plus the whole black friday thing too...
So, I have been collecting research, and I truly believe that it is releasing November 21st! You have probably seen this pic that started the rumor:


And then I think that would be a perfect time to release with Christmas and all. Next, I wanna say that this Gamecube remote for the Wii U is releasing 11/21:

Here is the link.

And last, but not least, I have an advert from Nintendo that says the EXACT SAME DATE!


Here's the link
I voted no. ;-; I am no longer optimistic about games meeting their release dates, everytime its like.. oh man.. its going to come out toda- pushed back several months. *crys* or in some worse cases the game just gets outright canceled lol.
about those remotes: do they plug in like a GC controller, or do they plug into wii motes. i was checking them out at gamestop and i really want one without having to buy the fancy adapter
I kind of understand the thing about release dates and then games being pushed back too many times I have sit and waited for a video game to be released only to have the game be pushed back to a later date and sometimes that can become pretty annoying. I really hope that it comes out on that date because that would mean that I would have something that I could play for Christmas which would be good. I like the controller as well looks really cool.
It's possible, but given the situation on the gaming markets in the past couple of years, it'll probably come a little late.
Let's hope they meet the release date :)
I just posted a new thread the other day aboutit, but they confirmed it! :) Yay! I am glad they are not pushing it to next year!!
I'm glad it's coming so soon, I was expecting it to come out around January next year. I might not get it anyway, since I have the 3ds version and I've heard they're exactly alike, and I don't want to pay 60 dollars for a game I basically have. Having it on the Wii U will have the advantages of graphics, features, and the gamepad, but I never liked the gamepad anyway.
I can hardly wait for it I really cannot. I really think that this is the =game that will make the WII U catch some traction. I really hope that it does because although many people are talking about the sales of the WII U I really think that it is a really good and fun console.
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