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Dec 23, 2013
Lafayette, LA
I cant seem to find where we were discussing goodies that hook up to the Switch, so i figured let's make an official one. I'll go:

Yesterday i finally splurged a little bit and set out on a mission to add memory, get controllers ($$$), and get Monopoly Switch somehow or another.

I found Monopoly on sale at GameStop for $20, half off from the Eshop thank you kindly. So i did not add memory just yet.

Painfully kicking and screaming i bought the Splatoon colored joy cons which hit me for $80.

And finally a cool Official Switch joy con charger that fits all 4 of our cons. I didn't realize when i bought it that it's intended to USB to the Switch, not to a wall outlet. Ok, cool. Works very well for $26

Ive also been researching an ethernet to USB to hardwire the Switch, but didn't get into that just yet. From my research i discovered that the official Nintendo Hori setup is USB 2 not 3. There is one 3 hookup on the Switch base, so ill check into it. What kinds of goodies do y'all have? There is some cool stuff out there if you have $ burning in your pocket!

(PS, don't think for one SECOND i didn't itch for the Labo. So cool...)
so we had a little overheat last night. Anyone else have this problem? Im in a cabinet but it stays wide open the whole time the Switch is on. It was pretty hot and it gave an error message.
What did you do to it that it overheated!?!? Trying to run skyrim or dark souls or something! xD
i would assume nothing out of the ordinary. The monopoly game lasted around 3 hours. Maybe because i had the joy con charger plugged into a usb port while this was going on? im kinda disappointed
Very cool! (no pun intended)

Do you have issues with the WiFi? Or just like the idea of a hard ethernet connection?

I do like the idea of getting other color joy-cons, but for how I play, I only need the two that came with it. Maybe one day though.
@MilkBone i have pretty good wi-fi, but where the Switch is located i only get 2 bars out of 3 for some reason. It wouldn't be a permanent deal, i would just plug in the cable if i was buying something or updating. Just preparing myself for when all games will be digital. It's nice not having to get up!
Update: I got the pro controller and 128 GB Mario memory card. That is one comfortable remote. Lookout Kirby here i come!

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