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Dec 23, 2013
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Well, being the cantankerous old fot that i am, i have to say im not too sure about this. Is this the kind of thing that Sony and Microsoft does?

Whats really irking me is unless im reading it wrong, we have to pay to "rent" 20 NES games, 16 of em i have in many more than one form already.

I guess im just not that into it. Id be HIGHLY impressed if all the games i bought for wii u and wii would magically move over to the Switch. Thats what i want
Personally I feel the Nintendo Switch online subscription service is affordable when compared to the PS+ subscription of around £50 a year. You're getting some decent NES games for rental (like ps+ monthly games) revamped with new online features. Its great in my opinion
Nintendo is upgrading the NES game to play online with other players. Like Contra. You can play it with someone else online who lives on the other side of the country or the world. plus $20.00 a year is very cheap. You can make tons of extra income online. that's what I do. And that's how I'm able to afford over 2,000+ video games.
It's affordable because they're still testing the waters and trying to sign up new people. That's how they get ya.
Yes, this is what worries me too.
I'm just happy to finally have the cloud saves that I was dying for. (don't really care about the rest of the online services to be honest)
If the price stays as it is, I totally don't mind it. I think it's reasonable. (If they start jacking it up though, that would really bother me!)

So I really hope they either just keep the fee the same throughout, or if they have to up it for extra content, that they only do it for extra premium services.
I don't really play alot of online gaming, so a higher price for a bunch of things I'll never use I would really not be able to justify. (when all I really want is the cloud saves). The way the switch works, I think cloud saves are really necessary, so I'd be happy if they kept the current price for a bare bones package that just has the cloud saves part of it for customers like me, and just charge the extra for people that want the extra.
(but even that I think is cheeky! ) But I would accept it if I had to.

But if I could have it the ideal way, what I'm hoping will happen is that they keep the online services priced as it is, and just keep introducing downloadable games to it until it becomes like a Netflix-style service for Nintendo Games. This is what I think it needs before anything beyond the cloud saves will be useful for me.
@HyruleWarrior oh wow, you just made me see the light! Ok, yes it has to be going the way of netflix. Give us money, now enjoy/rate all these games for 3 months. Definitely going that way. I should have seen that for i am a Netflix and WWE Network guy.

But, can yall help me understand the cloud saves? Why we need that?

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