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Thomas Ennis

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Jun 24, 2013
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What do you guys think of the GameCube controller? I found it to be a little akward, but much better than the N64 controller.
I've never been able to understand the love behind the gamecube controller. I am a huge nintendo fan but I find the Dual Shock 2 to be a far superior controller for literally any game.
I agree. Sony has it down when it comes to controllers. The PlayStation controller was always better than the Xbox.
Compared to the N64, the ergonomics of the Nintendo GameCube controller was a massive improvement. I never really had much of a problem playing with the controller in particular, but I do agree with how other companies like Sony had it down better. The thing about the GameCube controllers in particular is, at least for me, the wiring eventually was jacked up. And that’s probably because I used to wrapping the wires around the controller since I didn’t like things dangling off a shelf or something like that.

That’s why I invested in a GameCube Wavebird controller instead years back, and the battery life was surprisingly long-lasting as well. Though after years of use, I have issues occasionally with keeping the on switch light running consistently. Sometimes I have to push it up a bit harder to keep it in position. But I feel it’ll last me another decade or so, hahaha.

By then, maybe I’ll have another Nintendo console, and see little use for my Nintendo Wii.
Honestly - I found it to be a little bulky and hard to hold. I feel like Nintendo was trying too hard to make a "New and Improved" controller. I did like it better than the N64 controller though, so it was in some ways an improvement.

I wish they would of stuck with the Super Nintendo controllers though. They are small enough for any sized person's hand, and very straightforward. It does not have an over complex design, or strange unneeded buttons everywhere. Actually, upon a quick google search I guess there are a few controllers that still have that type of design that works with the Game Cube? Basing this mostly off images and a brief glance, didn't look further into it.

Anyone able to confirm that? Would love to get my hands on one.
Not sure about the GameCube, but the Wii does have classic controllers. You're right about the SNES though. Without a doubt, the SNES had the best designed controllers of any Nintendo system.
Thomas Ennis said:
I agree. Sony has it down when it comes to controllers. The PlayStation controller was always better than the Xbox.
No way. I hate the playstation controllers.. they are so small while the xbox one was thick and fit into my hand better.

I am not as big of a fan when it comes to the gamecube controller but..

I guess if you have bigger hands you would want a bigger controller. I have really tiny hands so the smaller controllers work for me. It would be cool if they started making different sizes rather than the 'one size fits all' thing they have going on right now. Maybe have controllers in small, medium, and large.
Shame on you iceskater :p Seriously, if you do have big hands; I can see the Playstation controller not fitting you well.
The Xbox controller isn't bad or anything, I just don't like the thickness. My main problem with the GameCube controller is the stick. It seems overly sensitive.
I don't mind any kind of controller, but I do think that Sony has definitely the best controllers so far.
The only controller I like more than PlayStation's is the SNES controller :D
But that's just because of nostalgy :)
I don't know avernus, the SNES controller might be as good without the nostalgia factor. The location of the buttons is perfect, and mine have always proven extremely durable. The only thing the Sony controller may have an advantage in, is long term comfort. SNES controllers could get sweaty; and somewhat hard on the hands after a long duration of play.
@Thomas Ennis: I agree, the SNES controller was great. But my fingers hurt like hell after playing more than 2 or 3 hours of games. I really loved its design, but there was that problem with sweat and blisters on my fingers :D
I guess I can understand the small hands thing and Xbox controllers. I still stand behind the PS2 controller though. It's pressure sensitive face buttons were awesome and in general I think it's pretty much my favorite. Xbox controllers are so big they feel weird in my hands more then anything else.
I've never had a problem with the N64 controller, I quickly became accustomed to it when I bought my system with a copy of Super Mario 64. The GameCube controller definitely has a more solid feel and is incredibly comfortable to hold. I just don't like the d-pad and the placement of some of the buttons. Otherwise, it's an excellent controller and ideal for most of the games released on the GameCube.
When I was a kid, it was my favorite controller of all time. However, in recent years the Xbox controllers have become my favorites. I don't think the GameCube controller is bad, however it is impractical for most types of games. The A button is huge, and the B button is tiny. The C-Stick is cute, but it's also weird to use since it's so small. It's a perfect controller for 3D platformers like Mario or Banjo, as well as Smash and Mario Kart, but overall I prefer others. However, it still feels natural to me whenever I go to use it.
It was a very unique design at the time, maybe not as unique as N64 pad which was like something form outer-space, but the layout and design was very clever. The asymmetrical way in which the buttons are placed throughout the pad help the user develop a customized feel for the pad based on the different spacings. Additionally, the buttons, themselves, are shaped different (the X and Y buttons are kidney-shaped and the A and B buttons are different-sized round buttons), which enhances the intuitive feel of control. Once again, Nintendo proves that it understands the user better than any other platform, and that is why it continues to be the best in the industry.
At first it was a little awkward, and I remember not liking much at all to begin with. That said, though, like everything else with a little time and effort it got easier and easier, and I just got used to it. I think that there was actually one shooting game that really made me more used to it, and I wish I remembered the name of it to give credit, but that might show you how much I really played the thing outside of SSB

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