The GameCube Controller

I personally think that it had a really nice design, the controller itself was really on point, specially made for any kind of hand of any size that could exist on the globe, however, I somehow felt like it had way too many useless buttons on it, it probably was because I did not ever find a way to use all of them, but it is not the point right now, it really was a good looking controller, I liked it a lot.
I love the GameCube controller. It might be because I have used it since I was 4, and was basically the controller I grew up using. So it was only natural to me to use it in Smash. The GC controller is definitely my favorite controller ever. :)
i like the gamecube controler . mine still has teeth marks in it from when i couldnt do resident evil 4 and was getting real bad nerd rage and tried eating my controler. i kinda like it, reminds me of that day
I never had any problems when it comes to the gamecube controller to be honest.
The only thing that triggred me is when I got my second gamecube with a controller wich has a transparent back, for some reason my ocd got a bit triggred by that but after a while it actually didnt triggred me anymore. But that is my own personal issue haha.
I base my favourite controllers on a couple things:
-Is it nice to hold? (For me it is)
-Is it playable for smaller hands like children hands? (when it comes to Nintendo because my little brother plays also on it)
-Is the controller giving a nice gameplay during games? (Only with bloodrayne it is a bit strange I have to say)
-Does it makes any annoying sounds? (not so much I have to say, only sometimes when I press the L or R button a bit too hard all the way)
-Isnt it painfull? (for example my hands hurt when I play over 30 minutes with a ps2 controller).
And the most pointless thing: Does it has a nice color? (This is just a bonus for me)

I have to say all these things/questions are postive for me so I dont find any problems with it.

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