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Oct 6, 2013
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Nintendo DS
The Speedboard is, well, a plastic board where you put the NES controller on while you play. That's it. It's advertisement says:
"The Speedboard, the fastest way to play your Nintendo Entertainment System! Puts the speed at your fingertips! Increase your game scores! Better reaction time and speed! Holds your controller so you don't have to!"

It was designed so that you could put the controller down on your lap maybe or on the table so as to allow you to press the buttons rapidly. In short, it sucked.

You know of other Nintendo accessory fails?

For those wondering, this is what he's talking about. Pretty useless, to be honest.

Also, is this question of yours limited to only Nintendo-made accessories, or to any accessory made by anybody for Nintendo systems. As other companies have made some useless accessories for Nintendo's systems as well. For instance, as you can see, this "Speedboard" of yours was actually made my Pressman. It was made specifically for the NES, and was licensed by Nintendo, but it was actually designed and produced by Pressman. Tho, people still associate the Speedboard with Nintendo, and not with Pressman, who actually made it.

Much like the Power Glove. Everybody associates the Power Glove with Nintendo. But Nintendo didn't actually make the Power Glove. Mattel did. The Power Glove is Mattel's. It was made specifically for the NES. And, made famous by the movie "The Wizard". But, again, it wasn't actually a Nintendo-made product.

Did Nintendo themselves actually make any NES accessories. Absolutely. They made...

NES Advantage - which was an NES Arcade Joystick controller (seen in Ghostbusters 2 when controlling the Statue of Liberty)
NES Controller 1 & 2 - '1' being the standard "brick" NES controller and the '2' being a SNES style NES controller
NES Four Score - This was a 4 player adapter, to plug in 4 controllers into the NES
NES Lockout - An actual Vise Lock for the NES, so parents could prevent their kids from playing the NES (seriously)
NES Max - An NES controller with a "Turbo" switch, so you didn't have to press the buttons, it'd do it automatically for you
Power Pad - A dual sided mat used for limited number of games. Specifically the Track Meet and Aerobics games, mostly.
R.O.B. - The infamous, battery powered, 'gaming' robot.
Satelite - A 4 player adapter for the Wireless NES controllers
Zapper Light Gun - Used for Duck Hunt, Hogan's Alley, and other such "shooting" games
and.... who can forget...
the... HFC (Hands Free Controller) - A "hands free controller" for disabled kids. Seriously.

The HFC, by Nintendo, where the kid literally had to suck and blow to "press" the A and B buttons, while moving the 'joystick' with their chin. No joke.

And that's it, for the American market. That's all that Nintendo made for the NES. Everything else was made by somebody else.

The Game Genie - Galoob
The Laserscope head gear set - Konami
The Power Glove - Mattel
The Rock 'n Rocker - LJN (Acclaim)
The Speedboard - Pressman
and other such accessories, by Acclaim, Camerica, Taito, Konix, IMN Control, Horeleg, Home Entertainment Suppliers, Innovation Entertainment, Beeshu Inc., Hudson Soft, Magic Key, Bandai, The Software Toolworks, Dominator, Quickshot, Sangkharom Trading Company, Baton, Triax, Br0derbund, and even some "unknown" companies.


NES Lockout - Nintendo


Laserscope - Konami


U-Force - Br0derbund


Quickshot Trackball - Quickshot


Rock 'n Rocker - LJN


R.O.B. (Robotic Operating Buddy) - Nintendo


Power Glove - Mattel

The Speed Chair - Sangkharom Trading Company
That chair does not look comfortable

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