Touch Detective 3DS


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Jul 16, 2014
The Touch Detective series revolves around the life of a young detective who tries to solve a variety of mysteries, and it employs the usage of point-and-click, or rather hover-and-tap, gameplay.

Ever since I played Touch Detective 2 1/2, I've been hooked on both the first game and its sequel. After I finished the two games, I patiently waited for a third installment in the Touch Detective series to no avail. However, after years of anticipation, I was ready to give up hope, until I read an article that stated a new Touch Detective game would be coming to the 3DS: .

Unfortunately, there is no news of an American release for Touch Detective 3. Do you think there will be an American release? Also, what do you think of the Touch Detective games?
I only played the first game; didn't even find out there was a second until recently and I haven't bought it.

The Funghi character really caused a boom in Japan, so I'm not surprise there's a third game coming out, but I'm not sure about an American release... it seems kind of unlikely.

I do like the games a lot, but they don't seem to have caught that much attention here. I actually bought it for really cheap at GameStop, which means it probably wasn't selling well there. That's probably not much to go by, though! Hopefully it'll get released in a few years.