what is going on?

what is happening?

  • Nintendo stopped e shop when they discontinued the 3ds family

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  • other (plz tell me)

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  • i have no clue

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  • contact Nintendo staff

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Mar 28, 2021
Nintendo 2DS
what happened:
i was just turning on my 2ds xl for the first time in a while. i decided to do a reset to try to fix my Nintendo's issue of freezing when ever i used it. (formatting my system did work lol). but when i went to play minecraft it said it had a update (1.9) i had just updated so this was weird for me ) so i tried to update it. when i did it then proceeded to ask to look in e shop or just download i chose to just download the update then it tried to update (so what XD). when it updated it gave me the Nintendo id info so i looked it over ad accepted it. when i did it tried to load but gave me the error code 022-2634 then froze i did a restart but that did not help and when i retried to load up e shop i got the same error

what i tried:

redoing the internet connection: failed
reformatting my system again : failed

(after each try i loaded up e shop and i got the same id info and error code)

what is happening:
i do not know can some one tell me how to fix this lol
pretty unusual issue, did you lookup that error code yet?
if it's like this one Nintendo Support: Error Code: 022-2631
it's probably a nintendo network id account issue
If you search that error code on the web you might find some more guides, found some but those are for modded consoles
@djanky,i was not able to find the spot to look it up on the Nintendo report page

and when i try to view the network id settings it gives me the same info as trying to update and run e shop

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