What is the storage capacity of a Wii U Disc?

Thomas Ennis

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Jun 24, 2013
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CDs have around 700mb of storage space, and I believe DVDs had around 3 gigs? I have no idea what level of data a Blu Ray can hold. Does anyone know how much data can be stored on a Wii U disc?
Dual-layer DVDs could actually fit as much as 9GB per side. For example, Super Smash Bros Brawl on Wii came on a dual-layer DVD, but mostly because they couldn't fit the ridiculously long intro video and the story mode cut scenes that were pretty generic and added nothing to the game, in my opinion.

Regular Blu-ray discs can fit up to 25GB per layer, so 50GB for dual-layer discs. They've also figured out how to stack even more layers onto a disc, so theoretically games could reach over 100GB per side.

To me it's all a gigantic joke, because you don't need to waste that much space to make a fantastic-looking game, which has been proven by many developers time and again.
I agree cruch; however, if you can take that much space; and make one gigantic Metroid world; played in the origina style, that would be awesome! Imagine how large they could make a game like that.
It would be extremely difficult to even use ONE layer of a bluray disc and I really doubt we'll see games get anywhere near that for a long time. The only game that I've play that would get close would the MMO Tera which is like 40gigs is some crap like that. I gave up when it hit 40gigs and thought that was too ridiculous.
How about a Role Playing Game, with Earth as a setting. They could map every single city on the globe, and the terrain in between. This would be the ultimate MMO RPG ever made! I bet you they could fill and entire disc doing that.
No game developer on Earth has that kind of data, and by the time they do, optical discs will be already dead.

It's easy to fill a disc with crap for the sake of filling it (or to make the game difficult to pirate, which publishers often do). Filling the disc with information that's actually useful in the game, that's a different story.

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