What made the SNES special to you?

Thomas Ennis

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Jun 24, 2013
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When you compare the SNES to the other systems of the days, or even those out now, what makes it "stand out" for you? For me, it was the variety involved. The SNES had role playing, action, fighting games, sports etc. In effect, the SNES had no "niche". When I look at, say, the Xbox, it excelled at first person shooters and action games like LOK Defiance, however, it left a lot to be desired in the realm of RPGs. The PS1 and Genesis are the only 2 systems I can think of that rivaled the SNES across the board.
I think alot of it comes to the fact that the SNES love was universal. Nobody could hate it because it was so awesome and had pretty much every single genre in existence on it. Sidescrollers, Early FPS games, Platformers, Sports and all kinds. It was really something special and the only other console to date to really have that universal thing going for it was the PS2. That thing had such a variety.
You consider the PS2 universal? Is that because you could play all the PS1 games on it? I found it lacking in RPG games, with a few exceptions of course.
The PS2 was universal because everyone and their grandmother had one. To this day it's the best selling game system in history, with Nintendo DS being a close second.
Ok,I see the logic there. By "universal" I thought he meant the greatest genre variety.
Wait. I do mean the greatest genre variety. The PS2 had huge amounts of everything.. LACK OF RPG's? The PS2 had craptons.. Have you looked at all?
I looked yes; but I admit, I don't have the gaming eye I used to. FF10 is the only one I actually remember. There were a few games that were Semi RPGs, like Castlevania HOD; and LOK Defiance.
Like Thomas Ennis said, I don't really remember a whole lot of RPG's for the PS2. Most of the RPG games I played on my PS2 was originally made for the Playstation 1. I think in comparison the PS1 had way more, but maybe that is just me. I was always satisfied with my PS1 games so I never went out of my way to find ones that were meant for the ps2.

I am honestly not a huge fan of the ps2 though. I feel like it was a step up from the graphics on older systems, but aside from that I would much rather break out my old playstation games. It might have to do with the fact that I don't really care for a variety of genres, I am mostly interested in playing games like FF8 and FF7, or Star Ocean. The ps2 seemed to have exploded with sports games and fighting games, but those genres just can't keep my attention for long periods of times.

To the question originally posted though - what made the SNES special for me was a lot of the games I played were the first games I ever touched, and it offered that awe of the first time seeing something new.
Roseary: Yeah I know what you mean, I can't remember too many RPGs on the PS2. I also agree with you; the PS1 was far superior all around. Each progressive generation of game systems have had less and less games I'm interested in.
I feel the same way, I think the problem might be as the console systems are getting more powerful companies are trying too hard to make more interactive games, rather than stay true to the classic RPG style.
The NES was and is very special to me as it was my first console, and the first system to play games on ever.
Until then, I haven't played any games, none of my friends had any consoles.
When I bought the NES, the real fun started.

I still remember the jumping moves we all made with the controller the first few times we played Super Mario Bros :rolleyes:
I spent days and nights playing.
Later, my mother and I have played through Mario Bros so often that we found all the secrets (lives, warp zones).
Sometimes we played Tetris until morning.

I still have the NES. It is a beautiful console, filled with memories :)
I too, remember jumping in place :p Super Mario World did it to me, but Castlevania 4 was even worse. I almost fell off the couch several times before I finally learned not to move.
Hahahaha my sister fell off the couch and hit her head on the table :lol:
It didn't even hurt her, we both just laughed about it 'cos it wasn't the first time one of us fell off lol
Of course it didn't hurt her, she was focused on the game :) I used to get so absorbed in the game, that nothing pierced into my head. One time, I stepped on a piece of glass in the kitchen on my way to play the Nintendo. I pulled the glass out and went about my way. After sitting in front of the Nintendo for 2 hours; I finally looked down, and discovered the carpet was soaked with blood.
I almost started a fire once. Was playing Street Fighter with my best friend. After an hour or so we noticed the smoke and smell from the kitchen! :blink:
He got beaten by his parents, I got grounded for two weeks by mine. Learned a lesson for life! :lol:
Oh I got in so much trouble gettong too absorbed in the Nintendo; SNES as well. I once forgot my homework; and when my teacher talked to my parents, I got banned from the SNES for a month. That my friend, was pure agony. :unsure:
What made the snes special for me was probably the shere amount of A+ timeless video games. This was the console where the jrpg shined brightest, with the psx being a close second. You just cannot compete with Final Fantasy 6, CHRONO TRIGGER and Earthbound. Link to the Past is the best Zelda game ever, no contest (opinion disguised asfact :p) and Super Metroid is one of, if not the greatest game ever.

Yoshi's Island was a big thing in my house too. It really brought me and my sister together.
Aaaand this is when I realize I've been writing about the NES instead of the SNES

Anyway, what made the SNES special to me were my friends. We spent a lot of time together playing games on it and I think that's a pro for every Nintendo console. The games are a hundred times more fun with friends around :)
For myself, the SNES was not special to me until much later in life. I do not have a history with it or with friends playing it. When I was growing up I was always waaay behind everyone else. When my friends had SNES, I just got the NES. When they were playing N64, I STILL had NES. lol You thought I was going to upgrade? No, we were pretty poor.

So, I feel like I missed out on that tie to the console. I still enjoy it immensely but the tie to history is not really there. I loved The Lion King! That I remember playing the heck out of.
I guess at the time of its release it was the fact that it was such a wonderful step up from the NES. The graphics (for its time) were sharper and more detailed, and the library of games was far more broader. The games themselves were very creative and deep for being so "little". And for me personally it's probably the fact of nostalgia easily mixed in to the why as well.

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