What made the SNES special to you?

My dad bought one from a friend at work when I was like 7. It was a blast, he had all of the donkey kong levels unlocked and it was just fun :) Then my dumbass sister deleted all of the files somehow, which she did again later because she literally does not think these things through, she just impulsively deleted files and then cried when she realized we had to unlock all the levels ourselves and I still got in trouble for calling her a dumbass (even though she was clearly a dumbass).
When we talk about the consoles from days gone by, it often pulls up memories that we've forgotten about, stories like you've just mentioned.

For many aswell, I think the SNES was probably the first console they had that they can actually remember and it formed a part of nearly everyone's misspent youth as we were growing up.
The first system I played was Atari and first I owned was NES but SNES was another level.Many things made it special. The games alone could do it. The fact their 2d sprites still hold up well. The biggest jump was not mode 7 or polygon games like Starfox. It was the sound. The father of PlayStation designed the sound chip in SNES. 8 channels and for the first time I heard orchestra like sound from a video game. Granted CD systems like Turbo CD were already out but few knew about it and I only heard of it in 94. To give a good idea how good SNES sound was. This is from a SNES game. No special hardware. SNES is my second fave system personally but I consider it the greatest console of all time.
You're right and when you look at the difference and the massive leap that the SNES was compared to the NES, then it's easy to see why people at the time were excited about the future of consoles.

If it was now in comparison, it would be like singly releasing the PlayStation 4 a year after the original PlayStation. That's a similar leap we're talking about between the NES and the SNES.
Some great co-op game memories. TMNT Turtles in Time and Goof Troop to be exact.
I never did get anywhere with that TMNT game. I remember obscure shots of riding skateboards down some bridge and getting frustrated a lot...

Speaking of frustrating games, was the simpsons game NES or SNES? If it was SNES, that game was amazing, but I seriously had no idea what I was doing 90% of the time
In the days of the NES and SNES, it seemed to me like that was the case with a lot of the games and you weren't supposed to make any sense of them.

These days a lot of people want realism in their games, and take a racing game for example and they want their car to look, handle and sound like the real thing. In the days of the SNES your car would have a rocket launcher on top that shot birds as rockets or something, defiantly not true to life, that's for sure!
Oh I got in so much trouble gettong too absorbed in the Nintendo; SNES as well. I once forgot my homework; and when my teacher talked to my parents, I got banned from the SNES for a month. That my friend, was pure agony.

You are not alone my friend. I am not sure that this is what made it special, but I think this result is an indication of how special it was, at the time. I know that I spaced out on homework and heard it more than once from my parents, and I was grounded from it at times. That is the sign of a good machine, though, in my opinion. Thanks for sharing.

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