What new Wii U game are you excited about this year?


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Sep 16, 2014
Wii U
For me it would be Star Fox Zero and Super Mario Maker. What games are you guys excited about that are coming out this year on the Wii U? :)

Well, I don't think the new Zelda will come out this year after all, so I'm pretty excited for Star Fox. Wish there'd be more games competing for that attention, though!
I'd forgotten about it, but I'm also pretty excited for Xenoblade Chronicles X! Never played a game in the Xeno franchise, but I hear they're quite good and the videos I've seen about XCX definitely make it seem like something I'd be interesting in.

Yeah I guess you didn't get the announcement a couple months ago about it being delayed for 2016: http://mynintendonews.com/2015/03/27/zelda-wii-u-will-no-longer-be-released-this-year/

Yeah, I heard from a friend and I believed it, but it's sad seeing it on paper (or, well, screen). I'm looking forward to it, especially since I mostly missed Twilight Princess and never even saw Skyward Sword. Now, replaying through Wind Waker HD, I'm really in the mood for some more Zelda.
The new pokemon game (Pokken Tournament) seems really nice. I'm looking forward to that game hoping it isn't gonna be a total bust in the franchise.
Yeah it looks really fun. Since I am a big fan of those kinds of combat games (Smash Bros), I will probably buy it.
That Star Fox video looks awesome! That just made the top of my list regarding most anticipated, I think! They certainly came a long way since the first Star Fox. I love how you'll be able to go from a spaceship to a walking mode vehicle. Pretty cool!
Yeah, except that it was just announced that they are delaying it to Q1 2016 :(
Mario Tennis and Yoshi's Woolly World for me.
@Y0shiM0n I'm surprised that this game isn't one of the games you're looking forward to in 2015, since you're a huge fan of Minecraft:

I think the first episode is coming out this month?
I forgot about that! I thought we were just talking about Nintendo games! But yeah, I am excited, and it does come out this month.
It's coming out on the Wii U so I'm definitely counting it. ;)

If it's Nintendo games only, then I'm voting for Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash too.

Eh, how much out of a game can you get out of tennis? No offense, but I think it is a waste of Nintendo's time.
Does the fact that the Telltale Minecraft is coming to Wii U yet actual real Minecraft isn't bother anyone else?
@GunGunW Hah, yeah Minecraft and Nintendo seem a match in heaven, I can't believe it's not on Wii U.

Eh, how much out of a game can you get out of tennis? No offense, but I think it is a waste of Nintendo's time.

Haha, yeah you can make a game out of tennis, lol. The one on N64 was a decent party game. I even like Mario Golf and used to play it on the NES. ;) I'm not a fan of either sport in real life, but their video game versions are good. The soccer game is decent too, Mario Strikers Charged.
Definitely Star Fox Zero, the best part is that it's co-developed by Platinum Games. Therefore it's going to be an amazingly good shooting game. Not that Nintendo is not capable of making excellent shooting games, Star Fox 64 is a testament to their abilities. But Platinum Games are just one of those developers that laser focus on this particular genre.

I'll also be picking up Xenoblade Chronicles X soon. Will probably only have time to play it over the holidays but I think it's one of the best games to come out this year.
Star Fox Zero was delayed until next year you know, right?
Mario Tennis Ultra Smash, Yoshi's Woolly World, and Fast Racing Neo.

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