What Wii U Games are you Excited for or Want to Release in 2016?


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Sep 16, 2014
Wii U
What games are you hyped for in 2016, and/or what game do you want to see that is not announced? For me, that game that I am most hyped for in 2016 at the moment is Star Fox Zero. It looks so fun!
And for the game that I would like to see this year? Hmmm.... I don't really have one that I want them to announce... Yet...
Even though xenoblade chronicles X isn't technically coming out in 2016 I'm still very excited for it! I'm sure I'll be playing it well into 2016. I wish nintendo made larger games like xenoblade but I haven't played so I'll see how it is
The new Legend of Zelda game has me so excited! Star Fox also looks awesome and Pokken as well this year.
I'm still waiting on 90's Arcade Racer and Road Redemption.
I am actually more excited for Star Fox Zero than I am for Zelda... I know that is probably considered blasphemy but there it is. I'm a little worried about the control scheme for Zero, but I'm keeping the faith. I hope Color Splash turns out to be really good too.
Like Mark said above, I'm more excited for Star Fox than the new Zelda. It has just been too long...