Where are the new 3ds consoles?


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Jan 14, 2017
Frustrated with not being able to get the new 3ds consoles. The only way to get one is through someone selling one at an inflated price and most of those are used. The same for the XL now too. What is up with that? Anyone know if Nintendo plans on releasing more 3ds consoles?

Is Nintendo just going to the Switch and not producing any more of the 3ds?
Nintendo, do something. Say something.
Regardless of what Nintendo may alledgedly tell websites or reporters, it just seems like they are discontinuing Wii U and 3DS shipments. You can always buy one Used or Refurbished, but it just seems like they want to focus on the Switch.

The reason why the used price is raised, is because the systems are like antiques now (no offense) because they aren't really producing new.
Hmm...did you purchase a new 3DS XL or new 3DS yet?
I may have been wrong. Though it seemed much like Nintendo had discontinued them, they are restocking pretty soon with new Pikachu models for $200.
My local Walmart had 2 black and 1 red xl' s the other day when I was in. Other than that ghost town

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