Where to buy a SNES system?


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Jun 22, 2013
Super NES
I'm looking to get a Super Nintendo. I can usually find some on Ebay but I was wondering if there is a better place. Where would you go to get an older system? I am also interested in a regular Nintendo.
I think eBay is your best shot, although I would check garage sales around your town city just in case ( I see them there all the time) they are usually a lot cheaper at yard sales, and usually have a fair share of working games too. Make sure you get all the components if you go that route though.
Thank you. That is pretty good advice. We used to have both systems, but they disappeared somewhere along the way. I find that I miss them a lot. I can't wait to play them again. I'm going to do that instead of getting a newer system.
I would definitely give Craigslist a try, too. In my area, certain towns/cities also have "yard sales" on Facebook, too, so a quick search through those groups may yield a console. That being said, you usually have to seek approval to join the groups, but you can usually find dirt cheap games and consoles.

I can tell you, if you have a game-reselling store in your area, avoid them for this purchase. The novelty factor of owning this console has made the price dramatic in these types of stores (a few years ago, I found one at a Vintage Stock for $300!). It's ridiculous.
Yard sales are on Facebook now? Where is this world going? :lol:
I know, I totally agree. I feel like it hasn't really replaced craigslist in any true capacity, so I'm not 100% sure what the point is, but I know lots of folks subscribe to them.
Ebay might be the best place to find one, but perhaps there are other options in your area. In Albuquerque, we have a collectors store called Nobels. I'm not sure if these guys are nation wide of not, but you can find a lot of old games and systems. Sometimes the price can be high, but there are also deals to be had. I purchased Weaponlord for less then 6 bucks.
Honestly I do think that Ebay is your best bet. I've looked on Amazon, and I've seen them going for like 900 brand new which is totally riduculous. I'm sure that on ebay you'll be able to find one for a decent price. But I'd look on craigslist for some games I'm sure that people will be posting bundles for a reasonable price.
Are you completely sold on getting the old systems? If not, I use Virtual Console on the Wii. While it doesn't have close to every game the vast majority of the best ones are there. It's easy to use, you dont have all your space taken up with carts and of course there is no issue with carts and old systems not performing at their best.

I confess I haven't downloaded a game for a while so I can't say what its like now on Wii U but definately a lot cheaper/more reliable that sourcing carts/consoles 20-25 years old.
Jezebella said:
I'm looking to get a Super Nintendo. I can usually find some on Ebay but I was wondering if there is a better place. Where would you go to get an older system? I am also interested in a regular Nintendo.
ME TOO! I want an NES and SuperNES to add to my Nintendo console collection! I have an N64, Gamecube and Wii. All I need to complete my collection of WORKING Nintendo game consoles is the first two, again, and a Wii U. Oh, and the LoZ games to go with the NES and Super NES. I do NOT, however, want to drop a crap-load of money into a 'retro' system. People should be ashamed price gouging like that!
Amazon and ebay really do have the best deals. But, paranoid as I am, I'd prefer buying from someone I know and a console I've played on so I'm sure it's OK.
I would suggest the Listia option that NintendoCosmos suggested to me. As long as you don't mind putting in the work for the points you can get the system free. Of course, you can purchase the points if you like but that's not necessary and complicates the real amount you're paying for an item. It's usually listed with a few games and controllers. I have seen about 10 posted since I started in January.
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Definitely check your local classified ads, like Craigslist (USA), Kijiji (Canada), or Gumtree (Aus). I see retro systems and games posted on my local ads constantly.

Also try stopping by your local thrift stores, whether they are church stores or chains such as Goodwill. It may take a bit of persistence, but you'll definitely find a better deal than eBay offers.

Good luck!
is Listia US only?
Seems like a really cool site, I hope it works on international level :)

It's not US only. However, you may be screwed in the shipping department. I often see free shipping to US/Canada/Puerto Rico but seldom do I see free shipping anywhere else.
I have the NES, SNES, and GBA SP original systems, but I would suggest buying a retron5. It upscales and smooths the images so they look better than ever, and even on 55" LED tv screens (output is through HDMI) . I have the retron 5 and I have stored my original NES and SNES away. Fun to watch my nephew play the GBA game metroid fusion on the big screen so I don't have to peer over his shoulder on the gameboy advance SP.
While you might be able to get a better deal off of Craigslist and the like, if you shop around on eBay or Etsy, you should be able to find something you won't elsewhere;modified or upgraded SNES systems. See, people love tinkering. And people love games. Sometimes, people who love tinkering also love games, and that leads to systems being modified to be better than they ever were at release, or to them being completely remodelled to keep with the times, and avoid any damage caused by time.
Why is that JB?

Ok, funny story. A LONG time ago, I bought a copy of Star Trek: Elite Force off ebay. I got to about 1:3 through the game and the game a fatal glitch which prevented me from finishing the game.. It was a funny glitch though.. The character who got stuck was scripted to open a door to the next area and began to spin in exact circles in place..

Needless to say.. I just have a distrust of ebay.. However, I still use it.