Which 3DS bundle to get?


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Jul 17, 2013
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So I want to buy a 3DS but I'm not sure which bundle would be the best, currently I'm split between the Animal Crossing and the Monster Hunter but I'm also slightly inclined to wait for Pokemon X and Y to come out and pick up one of them in a bundle. Too many choices! :D Any suggestions would be appreciated here.
I would get get the Animal crossing personally, but it really depends on which game you like better.
Every holiday there are usually 2 bundles that combine the system and whatever is popular at the time. Then somewhere in the year you'll likely have 2 more special editions with custom 3DS models. Over the past year we have had the special Pikachu and Ocarina of Time 3DS models, for example.

I fully expect a pokemon bundle like they did for Diamond and Pearl, and Black/White 2, so I would hold my cards for that.
Monster Hunter is a great RPG that you'd probably enjoy. if you must have it RIGHT NOW, I would go for that bundle over AC. If you're in no rush then maybe wait for Pokemon X & Y to drop and buy one of those? I came close to picking up a Pokemon game up recently since the last one I played was Silver as a kid, but i'm gonna hold off for X and Y and buy one of those for my 3DS to get me back into Pokemon.

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