Wii Accesories?


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Jul 9, 2013
I was just wondering what were some of the accesories that other people on here have? I only have the steering wheel, the Wii fit board, and the gun. I really liked the gun a lot, but in the end I found the steering wheel and the Wii Fit board to be kind of useless. They really just sit in the corner now, untouched.
I have those three as well. I haven't found much use for any of them, considering I play my FPS's on PC, Mario kart I play with the classic controller, and I never even played wii fit more than twice.
I have the Wii fit board thinking it was worth buying... It was fun for a couple of months before I totally got bored of it. Do you think it was worth it to buy the Wii gun because i personally never used one and I don't know the pros/cons of it.
My mom purchased a big kit containing about 10 different accessories. To be honest with you, I havn't really used them much. I tried out the baseball bat and the tennis racket. In truth, they do add a fun depth to the game, but for the most part, I play classic games that I downloaded most of the time.
I've seen that kit with 10 Wii accessories for sports and party games, and it does not look very good quality. 3rd party Wii accessories are generally garbage. In fact, most third-party accessories for every Nintendo console have sucked.
I think that the Wii accessories are definitely a step back from what Nintendo used to make. Previously things like the zapper or the power glove allowed for whole new games or at least they reimagined the current games. But the Wii accessories are just chunks of plastic that you put your remote into. Most of the time it's really unnecessary. The gun is perhaps the only exception to this which does actually help you stabilise, but other than that it's just a waste of money.

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