Wii U Capture Card


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Apr 4, 2016
Hey guys, I post a yet another capture card thread, but this time for the Wii U and I'm asking a different question! If you've seen my 3DS thread, it seems nobody around has a 3DS capture card, probably because of the high cost, but for the Wii U, the cost is a lot lower (3-4x).

So, I'm hoping you have one of these Wii U capture cards! Well, then what brand do you guys use to record your awesome Wii U gameplay? Elgato? AverMedia? What else? What are your settings?
...What do you mean by a capture card? Is there any difference between a Wii U capture card and a standard video capture device? Is it somehow able to capture the Gamepad's screen? How on earth would a 3DS capture card even work?
Yes, of course, sorry I was not clear with my post. What I meant was an external video capture device and not the internal one. I'd like to ask you guys what your settings are if you ever use one. As for the 3DS, yeah, I don't also know how it works. I don't own one, and I'm wondering why it costs that much!
How external capture cards work is that you plug the console's HDMI (or composite) video cable into the capture card as you would connect it to a tv. The Wii U is already designed to output video to a TV, and a capture card takes advantage of this. But that is only for video sent to the tv, the gamepad is a different story. The Wii U connects to the Gamepad directly, and is not designed to send the gamepad video to anything other than a gamepad. The only way to record that video is to either intercept the wireless stream or hack the console or gamepad directly, both of which requires special equipment and I don't believe is currently possible.

The 3DS is not designed to send video to an external device at all. How the capture card works is that the 3DS is actually physically hacked, and the internal wiring is re-routed to send video to an external device. This requires the 3DS to be modified by someone who knows what they are doing, and is irreversible. This is absolutely nothing like a standard video capture card, which was origianlly designed to connect to VCRs and have a lot of decent options.

That being said, I don't think it matters that much which model you buy. Just read the reviews and see what people say.
Thank you very much for the explanation! But I'm asking a different question/s! Like:
I'd like to know if you guys use a capture card, if yes then what brand? I'm also curious of what settings you guys use. Do you experience any stutter while recording? Does the computer play a huge role? Because I've seen people stream 720p 60FPS without any lag and their computer isn't even THAT powerful. :)