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Oct 15, 2012
Does anyone else think that the depth of the Wii U console is excessively long? It seems to be about a third longer than the original Wii. After all the talk Nintendo gave about making compact and power-saving hardware, the Wii U looks pretty gigantic to me. It's just not as neat looking as the Wii, in my opinion. :wacko:
I'm more interested in why the plastic of the console doesn't feel so premium. Especially compared to the older consoles, like GameCube or Xbox 360, it's just not that awesome to touch.
Maybe the quality of the plastic had to be factored into to the overall cost to the consumer.
Lets hope that Nintendo makes a new "premium" console that costs a bit more but has not been as compromised to cut costs. I would not hesitate one second to buy it, specially since I have not yet purchased a WiiU. (I am waiting for Zelda :))
Nah!! I think its perfect.

Not to big not too small; just right, and I will bet that there will not be any concern of a RROD or YLOD for it either. Nintendo's console are tough as bricks, I never had any technical issues with any of the consoles. they always worked and you can run em for hours with out overheating problems.

Two thumbs up for quality assurance!!!!!!
I love the look of it, I just wish they would have picked something that didn't look that similar to the Wii. I realize, side by side, it's obvious that they are different, but, at a quick glance, it's a bit hard to tell. You comapre the PS3 to the PS4 and there is a huge difference.
It seems a tad bulky, though the size of handhelds has become increasingly larger for every generation. By generation 12, I expect handhelds to come with a built in 17 inch flat screen monitor.
Yes, it did look a bit weird to me when I took mine out of the box. I guess with the added processing power and features, Nintendo couldn't make it the same size as the Wii. I absolute love the Wii's design and the Wii U does feel a bit like a downgrade. However, it's still an attractive looking system and fits easily under the television. I think the worst designed console this generation is the Xbox One which just looks horrendous and is massive in size.
I think it looks just fine. The biggest worry I have is for it to fit in my entertainment unit, and every console I've had so far has managed to fit with no issues. The weirdest console for me was the GameCube. It seemed so small, from the discs to the actual small cube.

The Wii and Wii U just look like a DVD or Blu-ray player to me, to be honest. I also have no issues with the look of the Xbox One.

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