Wii U GameCube controller adapter impressions

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Oct 15, 2012
Like a true Smash Bros fanatic, I was very pleased when I heard the announcement about the official Wii U GameCube controller adapter coming out in time for Smash Bros. The GameCube controller is an excellent way to play Smash Bros. Here are the pics in case you missed them.



After the news settled in, I started realizing that this is really a less than ideal solution. First, it's not wireless. Second, it's taking up not one but two USB ports on the Wii U. And third, it's kind of bulky.

Why can't Nintendo make a real GameCube controller for the Wii U and connected it wirelessly? Why can't there be a Wavebird for Wii U? There's a petition on Change.org requesting exactly that, and it makes perfect sense. If Nintendo made a wireless Pro controller for Virtual Console games, they should make the same for GameCube controllers. There is obviously demand for them. Here are some mockups that I'd love to see come true to life:



A Japanese company named HORI also made this a while back, but I don't think it was ever released in the United States or Europe (and it wasn't wireless)


If there are other fans of the GameCube controller on here, I would love to hear your opinions.
The reason that it's wired is because in a tourney most tourney hosts prefer wired controllers because of the fact during pools (which are many different matchs going at once) its too likely to get a signal tossed around in the air.

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