Wii U gamepad screen issue


Feb 21, 2017
Wii U
Hello guys. I've been having a weird issue with my gamepad. It's like a specific spot is being pressed constantly or at least like it's being tapped frequently (the spot where "A" is on the keyboard). At first I thought it was something that could be cleaned, dust or something, but cleaning didn't seem to help. Also another thing I noticed, after I play a game, one that doesn't require the touch screen, it seems to go away. Or, sometimes, if I leave the gamepad open and idle. Any of you has had the same issue?
yes i did have this issue about the same spot but mine was from hitting play on netflix from 3 years of doing this i think the screen is kinda messed up in that spot and keeps recognizing the screen as being pressed, when i look at the screen on a angle i can see that its ever so slightly dented(if thats the correct word) theres a definate depression in that spot so i think maybe the outer layer is now permanately touching the sensor i eventually found a replacement gamepad for 70$ on ebay and replaced it then resold my broken one for parts on ebay for 50$a couple of days ago.
Damn, I feared that might be the case. Well thanks a lot Koz. I'll consider it :/
if your savy enough you could go this route to fix it!

this is the digitizer which is what i think is wrong, if you technical enough you can replace it cheap alternative, but if you screw up the whole gamepad will be dead. as far as touch screen goes.

otherwise you can go the ebay route but that looks like it will run you about 150$ while a whole new system runs about 200 on ebay right now....GOOD LUCK and let me know which way you went im kinda interested if the digitizer is easy to do for my future reference