Wii U Homebrew Channel


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Feb 8, 2013
So does anyone know if the Wii-U has been hacked yet to unlock the homebrew channel?
Lol, home brew already!
You're funny.
It will be interesting to see how long it takes for it to come through though and what Nintendo is going to do to counteract it.
Personally I don't use homebrew even on my wii. I just bought mario party 8 for £18 2nd hand!
Not yet, but Nintendo will definitely try and keep it from happening. I agree with them too.
Where did the name homebrew come from anyway?
I mean yes it's perfect an the meaning is clear but, where was the term dirt coined, does anyone have any ideas?
I believe it came from beer. Just like people who like to brew their own beer at home instead of drinking established brands, game hobbyists in the 90s started making their own "homebrew" versions of famous games like Mario and Zelda. Today the word homebrew is used for any unofficial app that's meant to run on a jailbroken or hacked console and not sanctioned by the console maker.

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