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May 5, 2015
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Wii U
Honestly WiiU was half the system I thought it would be. I didn't think there would be so few games and I thought it would compete with the shooter and more high octane games PS and Xbox put out. Mario is great in HD, but like in politics don't you want to go after your opponent's supporters? It is my understanding that Nintendo only wants to put out systems that are more immediately successful while PS can spend a lot, charge a lot, and wait for people to buy it. I think the next Nintendo systems should be very upgradable so they can both be very competitive on price, but also be able to process truly amazing graphics and game play.

I think the gamepad for WiiU should be larger, but the buttons should be remote. It is hard to grip such a large device. And scary is the thought of dropping it since it is half the price tag. It should be larger and used as a primary or extra screen for various interfaces, but game play buttons should be a seperate controller. In fact maybe a large enough screen to use as a book reader and watch movies. As far as a screen for a sniper scope a much smaller screen would suffice.

I honestly would have just kept my Wii if I knew WiiU would create a seperate menu for Wii games than WiiU games. I just want to grab a game disc and play without changing menus.

Nintendo really needs to make game makers compete to be on their system. You can't do nothing but Mario games forever.
The only improvement the system needs is just to get more games on it, and being more powerful would help as well.

I feel the gamepad is perfect, it fits perfectly in my hand and feels good to grip. Making it bigger would lose that comfort and I hear the pad is pretty sturdy.
The only improvement Wii U needs is to die quicker. Awful system all around, NX can't come soon enough.
I think they should create a long wiimote for less button control games that can be used as a sword, rifle with scope screen installed, lightsaber, staff or whatever. Instead of using the, normal Wiimote and some framework to try to create the shape of an item. I think most people didn't much care for the steering wheel piece.

I also think there should be more options available in ones gaming area to increase the overall accuracy of position sensing. I have some specific ideas for that.
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The only improvement Wii U needs is to die quicker. Awful system all around, NX can't come soon enough.

just curious what you find to be awful on the system? The only major ones is lack of power and games.
Both the games and the means to play them well. Sounds like everything. If it processed more advancedly game makers would want their games for a Nintendo system.
wow, I'm completely on the other end of the spectrum. i think its near perfect, for me and the family. The gamepad feels great and really worked well with Wind Waker HD. My daughter uses it for MK8 and Hyrule Warriors every time she plays. The VC catered well to me, i have games downloaded that i always wanted and couldn't find. They also weren't stingy, i got Pikmin 3 and Game and Wario from Club Nintendo, amongst other things. It sounds great, looks good enough. If i could add something, i guess i wish it played Gamecube games.

The only problem i have is no WWE or Madden. Oh well
It definitely needs one menu for wii and wiiu games so there is no back and forth, and a lot more classic games to download. I never finished Donkey Kong 64. If they made an HD version of that I'd be all over it.
I was hoping for a lot more interaction between the 3ds and WiiU in terms of being able to play games from one system to the next. I would really love an option to be able to connect your 3ds and be able to play 3ds games on the big screen. Mario looks great in HD but there just aren't enough games out for WiiU to convince many people to go out and buy the system. I also think the pro controller should be included since for many games it is a much better option.
Two separate menus for the Wii and Wii U are indeed a gigantic fail. I understand the technical reasons for it, since they're technically loading a different OS for the Wii menu, but it could have been made more transparent.
just curious what you find to be awful on the system? The only major ones is lack of power and games.

Isn't that basically everything with a gaming console? If you have a much smaller library than your competitors and the games that are available are limited by the last-gen power of the console, you've arrived at the definition of a lame duck.

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