Wii U Lack of Facebook 4 The Win!


Nov 23, 2013
New York, USA
Wii U
First and foremost I can't stand Facebook and I could bash that site all day. So knowing where I stand I thought I'd share with you all how much I absolutely appreciate my Wii U not asking me to connect my Facebook account to it. Last time I checked we buy consoles to play games right? In my opinion Facebook is the farthest thing from a game I can possibly imagine. Then there are Facebook games which spawned a whole new generation of Intro gamers which we now all have to guide to the true light of gaming which is definitely not Facebook (again in my opinion).

Now take a look at the PS4 and Xbox One. One of the things they showed off to was the ability to connect to Facebook. I won't buy either one at all this generation specifically so I don't have to see that screen pop up asking me to connect to Facebook AAAaagggh!! If you are a true Playstation or Xbox fanboy I think you've been mislead by your company which is pushing a 3rd party social site on you who doesn't give one rats banana about gamers, just their wallets. How can you state that your all about gamers when one of your main partners is a site like Facebook. I honestly think this generation around Playstation and Xbox are really only looking at dollar signs.

Nintendo has definitely done things right here building their own unique social network which is dedicated to Wii U games period. This is Social Networking on a console done the correct way. In fact I like Miiverse so much I'm going to have to swing over to my Wii U and give Tom from Nintendo a YEAH!! Now if only I could give him a Yeah Baby! So what do the rest of you out there think of this?
Facebook integration annoys me beyond belief, and it seems to be everywhere. I play a lot of iOS games, since I don't often have time to play games for a prolonged period of time, and it seems like every time a game becomes somewhat popular, Facebook integration becomes a key aspect of it - it's often the case that you need to connect in order to get certain things in-game (that can't be gotten any other way).

I understand why it's done, but I don't want to be used for advertising when I just want to play a game. If I like a game enough, I'll tell people myself. So, consoles having this is far worse, since you've already paid huge chunks of money for the console, online and then games. I commend Nintendo for not selling out like that.
I hate how Facebook is everywhere too. I do use Facebook pretty regularly, but I don't need to sync all my accounts to it. No need for my news feed to post what game I'm playing or something. I suppose it doesn't hurt to have the option there, but I would probably never use it.
Yeah, I can't stand Facebook either. I don't even use it as a normal social media platform, let alone anything to do with gaming. In fact, I couldn't care less about any social media integration with my consoles. I just want to stick the game in and play it like I've always done, without any bells & whistles. If I download and play a title, I don't want others on my social media channels to know what I'm doing. Most of those people are not my real friends in any case.
I use Facebook every day to see what my friends and family are up to, but I couldn't care less about their video game progress. I have one friend who always posts his Xbox achievements on Facebook, and I make fun of him every single time. It's silly, it doesn't really do anything in terms of gaming discussions, etc. It's just something they add to go "hey look, we have Facebook integration!". I always disable and revoke all access whenever it's offered.