Wii U Legend of Zelda release date?


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Feb 19, 2016
Nintendo DS
The newest Zelda game, whatever it's going to be, keeps getting pushed further and further into the future. I've been waiting for a new one for ages, and the lack of a concrete release date is driving me buggy. Now I see it's slated for '2016', at least according to a quick Google search. Has there been any news of a more focused release date for this thing that I've just missed somewhere along the line? Crossing my fingers for good news. (By which I mean, like, next month or something. Doubtful, but I can hope.)
I somehow have a feeling they're saving it for the Nintendo NX... I don't know, I could be wrong, but there's a lot of talk for the new console, and it would make sense to have a Legend of Zelda launch game. I know it would definitely grab interest, more so than potentially someone who is Wii U-less currently and keeps hearing about the NX; they'd be more apt to wait it out I would think.
Man. I'd considered that, and I really hope it's not the case. I'm not 100% sold on buying the NX as it is, and even though we got some HD updates on the Wii U (games I already own) I've been waiting on a new Zelda game for ages. Nintendo, why you gots to be like this?
I really think it is going to be a bridge title. I will be purchasing it for the Wii U! *fingers crossed*

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