Wii U red blinking light, and how I fixed it

Aug 27, 2013
Nintendo 2DS
I just noticed today that my Wii U had the red blinking light. So I unplugged the whole console and found out that the red blinking light is from clogged up air vents. Since I didn't have a air compressor, I took a pin. and very carefully unclogged the vents. Then I finished it off by sucking the dust out with my dust buster.. The Wii U air vents look brand new, and the blinking light is gone.

And I'm back to playing my games. So for me, this is a very easy fix that a caveman can do. Do any of you know if Staples sells air compressor that is gentle, but can get the dust unclogged?
Awesome.. I hate it when a new console acts up like that. It can be the scariest thing ever, but sometimes it's just as easy as looking online to find the fix.
Sweet I was beginning to get a bit nervous when I began seeing the read light as well so I did the same thing by googling the problem and I came to realize as you said that the problem stemmed from clogged up air vents and I cleaned it with an air spray. Thanks a lot for the tip though!
Good to hear you managed to fix it! People are able to fix their equipment in some interesting ways sometimes lol.
The red blinking light means it's not getting any air through the vents. So this means that the Wii U is NOT broken like the 360 RROD. The vents just need to be cleaned out. Quick easy fix.

The blinking light just means the air vents are clogged and the system won't over heat.
This just happened to me and I was soo worried I would have to send it back!! But I just used the vacuum to clean the vent and it work!!! Thank you soo much!!!