Will the Wii U price go down soon?


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May 26, 2013
I had a Gamecube, but I never bought a Wii because I was preoccupied with other games. Plus, I didn't like the idea of the Wiimote for every game, and I didn't want to have to buy different equipment. The Wii U looks interesting, but it doesn't appeal to me so much that I'd be willing to pay full price for it. Is it really worth it at this point? Do you see the price going down anytime soon?
There are some pretty strong rumors that the basic model is going away. IMO the Wii U needs a price cut now. There are finally some real first party announcements and have Call Of Duty is huge for them. Even if they drop to $300 that is still a stretch considering you get a full blown PS4 for $100 more. The Wii U controller is always going to keep the price a little higher. They could prove it's worth it but they need to get it into people's hands at a faster rate before the new systems launch. If you are on the fence I would not expect more than a $50 drop though.
I'd like to buy a Wii U, but it's generally my least preferred system out of the main three companies'. I don't really care for the controller, and I wish they would have made it a separate accessory. Still, I'd like to get a pro controller, and then I could catch up on all the Wii games that I never played because I never got around to buying a Wii (and still probably won't).
Wii has/had plugs for say... the Game cube controller - also you were able to use the Wii remote like a traditional controller if you wanted to. That said Nintendo doesn't have to drop the price at all - it's only competitor for now is the PS4. Microsoft kindly shot themselves in the face, so yeah. Besides which while Sony does have some nice titles... for the most part they rely to heavily on exclusives and that ends up hurting them. Or it did - what with Microsoft shooting themselves in the face and feet who knows how it'll work out now.
I think it would get a lot of new customers if it decided to do a price drop, myself and my friends included. I only have one friend with a Wii U because we're all waiting for the new consoles to come out. At one point we all agreed that if they were to do an unlikely $100 drop we would go out and get it almost instantly but there's just not much of a point when we know it will be our least played console.
Yeah, I know; my friend had a Wii for a while (after having had a Gamecube), but he got rid of it a while back. But I disagree about Microsoft, on the grounds that several retailers are already selling out of the Xbox One, regardless of their ridiculous policies.

I don't see the Wii U dropping by $100, but $50 is far more likely. It's less of a matter of 'if' than of 'when,' but that can take a while, so I'm not holding my breath. The only reason I'm thinking of getting one is because of all the past Nintendo titles that I'd be able to play on it.
I personally would love a Wii U price drop as much as I would love a Wii U redesign. I still think the original model is too big and cheaply made, especially compared to Wii and GameCube.
I haven't actually seen it in person, yet. I'm sure it will get a redeisign at some point, but it seems more likely that they'd lower the price first. I'm more concerned about whether it works, though, but it helps if it's not made cheap overall.
Donkey Punch said:
I personally would love a Wii U price drop as much as I would love a Wii U redesign. I still think the original model is too big and cheaply made, especially compared to Wii and GameCube.
So you are saying, the smallest console from the 8th generation, is too big and needs a redesign
Bob Singh said:
So you are saying, the smallest console from the 8th generation, is too big and needs a redesign
Yep. It's noticeably bigger than Wii (depthwise especially), and the plastic is also super cheap-looking compared to the Wii. And when you compare it to the premium build of Nintendo's older systems, Wii U is just bleh.
I haven't seen one in person (except maybe at the store), but it doesn't look cheap to me. Like I said, I'm far more concerned about how it works and whether it keeps working over time. I don't really care what it looks like since I'm not even looking at it most of the time, but that's just me. I wouldn't be surprised if they redesigned it at some point, but I sincerely doubt it will be anytime soon.
I think the price will go down near the holidays, but if they were to announce that now, it would KILL sales for coming months. They will announce maybe a week in advance, probably on time for 3D world and DKCTF. It will be interesting to see how the holiday season plays out.
I don't really see myself buying one around the holidays unless I come into a great deal of money or something. It's a bit predictable, though, since so many sales go on during the holidays. I wonder if it wouldn't be better to sort of surprise people with a price drop; maybe they'll have more money a while after doing all their holiday shopping.
I do hope the price drop will come soon personally as, I am still excited by the Wii U and the ability to turn off the TV and take my game to the toilet or similar place. I mean, it's what I've always wanted from gaming in terms of portability and the ability to play in other rooms where we don't have a tv, like my room.
If it drops in price, I will consider getting it. As it stands, the expense is too much. Nintendo always (in modern times) had the edge in the price wars, which was one of the main draws for me. The WII was so much less expensive the then PS2 or Xbox, that it captured my business. However, if the WII U maintains a price that close to the PS4 (which no doubt will outperform it), then I won't buy it.
I didn't care for the controller at first, but now I really like the idea of it. I don't really see the point in playing a game on a small screen when you can play it on a big one, but at least there's the option. I know the Wii U is still in the phase where it's new enough to warrant a high price tag, but if sales are as low as they say then we should be seeing a price drop pretty soon.
I am pretty sure it will eventually, but not now. With all the upgrade the Wii have gotten it would be a waste for them to lower the price so soon. I would expect probably one or two more years for about 50~80 dollars drop. This is just my estimate though and I do not know what they plan to do with the Wii U's price. Hopefully people would stop buying the Wii U and they would lower the price!
If you have seen the sales recently, people have basically stopped buying the wii u. It is selling very poorly worldwide.
Nintendo has stated that they aren't going to drop the price of the Wii U any time soon. Besides, they can't afford it. And a price like $200 is just asking for Nintendo to lose all their money.

If you ask me, the problem isn't the price, its the lack of games and advertising. That and the PS3/360. Trust me, the PS4 and Xbox will probably be flattened by their predecessors sales wise.
I think the lack of games and advertising is a big problem, but the price is as well. If Nintendo were to say a price drop is possible, all sales until the drop the price would be murdered. They won't announce a price drop until a week or two in advance. During June after the 3DS launch, Nintendo said a price drop was not in the realm of possibility, come August, and the price is slashed 80$. I don't think the Wii U will get an 80$ cut, but it will most likely get a 50$ one. Also, this paired with more games and better advertising would ensure the wii u is a success.

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