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Jan 20, 2014
Nintendo 64
Nintendo 64 had some amazing titles, everyone knows and love the Zelda games and games like Golden Eye are a fond memory, but what about the games you didn't like?

For me one of the worst N64 games was Banjo Kazooi. I found it to be lacking any real story, the puzzles were strange and hard to get into and the general gameplay couldn't hold my attention for long.

What games have you played for the Nintendo 64 and found it to be one of the worst?
I'm going to have to go with Superman 64. The graphics were atrocious. The gameplay was worthless. Glitches galore. The storyline was non-existent. I have yet to meet a person who has had something good to say about it. Maybe that last one outweighs the others.

Of course, the blame *allegedly* goes to the licensor. Or so say the game producers.
I never heard of Superman 64 - that must be why. It sure doesn't sound like a very good game. I am also not a fan of super hero games in general though, I never feel like they are done quite right. There always seems to be an aspect missing for me, I can not really pinpoint just what it is, I just know it is there.
I would agreed that Superman would be the worst one on it and that all you do is fly bad everything about it.
Superman 64
Carmageddon 64
Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker - Granted, this one if perfectly playable and can be beaten in under an hour, but it's a very shallow beat em' up. I can't believe how much they trimmed back the soundtrack compared to the PS1 version when there wasn't much there.
Did anyone have the joy of playing Glover? It was weird. You played as a glove and it was set in like a barren town thing. I guess you were supposed to figure out puzzles or why you were a glove. I actually have no idea what the point was. All I know is I ran around pushing a giant ball trying to figure out the point and I never did. It was pretty terrible for me and I was very glad to get a different game that actually had a purpose.
The Superman game was the absolute worst. I also had a beef with WWF Attitude, because it was before THQ started doing wrestling games. I think the first Turok was also pretty bad.
I agree with those who state that Banjo Kazooi and Superman 64 were both terrible. I also have to say that Kirby 64 was pretty bad too. Granted, it's a classic, but it's not as great as Donkey Kong 64, StarFox or other classics, though. Kirby 64 was a bit on the flat side of things.
Superman 64, understandable. That game not only sucked, but it was really glitchy the whole way through you couldn't beat the medium and hard mode without being really, really lucky.

But Banjo Kazooie? I personally enjoyed the challenge of collecting 100 notes in each world or the various themes in the game. You may not like it, but no way it's close to being one of the worst N64 games ...
This may seem like a repeated answer, but the superman 64 game really was trash. It really did not take long for that game play to get boring. I mean flying all over the place was just such a bad idea to make a game out of.
I have a new pet theory about Superman 64: It seems horrible to us because that game wasn't made for normal, run-of-the-mill homo sapiens, it was made for super-powered Kryptonians!

If you could see the full electromagnetic spectrum, rather than the small sliver we humans call visible light: the graphics would appear incredible!

If you had superhuman strength, speed, and agility: then the play control would be smooth and the game would be mildly challenging, not broken and unplayable!

Come to think of it, Superman 64 gives me a whole new appreciation for Lex Luthor's jealousy of The Man of Steel! ;)
The worst game that I played on the N64 has to be Superman. That game was beyond awful and it looked really bad. I played that game and I think every time I did I ended having a headache and to top it all off the game was really really boring to play.
There was wrestling games which had the right ideas with WWF but, did not come out as real exciting and sort of frustrated you when trying to hit the other person and it is not happening the way you want it to occur. Rugrats scavenger hunt did not really appeal to me the voice acting was not too good although it did follow the series with characters from the cartoon and felt boring play for me. Superman had good ideas and could of done well, if the graphics and story were improved and players felt part of the game and did not enjoy it as that much was wandering when does it end only played it once as a rental.

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