1/11/18 Nintendo "Mini" Direct


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Nov 19, 2016

Nintendo had it's first direct...sort of...this last weekend. Some of the highlights I like...

Mario Tennis on Switch - I've always liked the Mario sports games.
Super Mario Odyssey DLC - That looks super fun.
Hyrule Warriors port to Switch - Never played before. I'll reserve judgement for when it comes out, but it looks fun. Anyone else play the originals?
DK coming to Mario + Rabbids in DLC - Pretty Cool
Looks like publishers are lining up to port older games to the Switch. The more GameCube, Wii, and Wii U games they can bring over, the better.
Completely agree @crunchyg ! I would love to see both Super Mario Galaxies. Only played the first one a little bit. I would love to see the New Super Mario games from both Wii & Wii U. I would love anything Mario and Zelda related from GameCube since that is the Nintendo console I 100% missed. Never even touched a controller.

Two things Nintendo did NOT announce that I'm hoping is announced soon is Virtual Console and cloud saves!
@MilkBone yes, and im pretty excited!

I really want the Kirby and Tennis, im ready to try some different things. I also missed Tropical Freeze, so im interested in that too.

Yes, my daughter and I have Hyrule Warriors wii u. We have put in 100 hours and probably close to 100$ in dlc. I will NOT be buying that again, but yes they are very fun. Sometimes you just need a little mindless beat-em-up in your life.

But if i could have one wish, it would be a way to magically move all my purchases from the wii u to the Switch.
@dustinb12 I may just have to look into Hyrule Warriors then! I don't have that many Wii U games, but that would be HUGE if they could work that out. It would also make the Switch just that more valuable if people could purchase digital Wii U games and play them on the Switch. I would be down for that.
Mario Tennis Aces looks neat. Can't wait to learn more.
I'm pretty exited for "The World Ends With You." I'm interested to see how a DS port goes with only one screen!

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