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Mar 25, 2016
So I'm at 100 posts. Honestly though, probably the fire in my belly for this forum will run out eventually, and I will leave quietly like iceskater and a few others seem to have. This forum has cool members and a chill admin. But, traffic isn't what I'd like and for some reason, I find it pretty hard to make friends.

If I sound harsh, I'm sorry.

Edit: Ehhh, I might be here awhile. I want to see how things pan out here, what they become.....
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Traffic is growing consistently actually. If only people helped us with linking from their sites so that we can rank #1 for 'nintendo forums', it would explode. Right now we are losing a lot of traffic to NintendoLife, because they rank #1 for the phrase. But we've come a long way from page 5 to #2 or 3 of page 1.
@Shane glad you mentioned iceskater. She really helped me break my "forum shyness" and i kinda miss her. Now i can't seem to shut up. As for NintendoLife, i take a quick glance at their news and jump over here. This has always been my #1 place.

Why do i suddenly hear KC and the Sunshine Band's "Please Don't Go" in my head?
This is one of my favorite forums because everyone here is so civil and nice unlike many other sites.

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