1990 Nintendo World Championships gold edition


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Feb 8, 2017
I'm new to the forum but have a super important question about the gold edition 90s world championships game...

Saw a snapchat article recently and they mentioned the games sold for like 100k on ebay n like 14'. Was telling my husband about it and he has one. He has tons of nintendo and atari games and the systems.

Guess I'm getting off track but we thought about selling some of the stuff because it's just been in storage for the last 20 yrs .

Any ideas or suggestions on where I should or could list them for sale or just use ebay.. hate to pay fees on 100k.

Although Ebay seems to be the best route, because it's really hard to find collectors sometimes, their payment system can be bad. What I mean is, those transferring 100k to or from Paypal tend to get their accounts blocked as a safety measure.

I'm not sure what to do in such a case.
THAT'S a great point. Idk what I'll do with it. It's so important I think my best bet is to hand deliver it.
If you're not experienced with big-ticket sales, use a reputable broker.
If I had the money I would buy that game cart from you, & have it in my Video Game Collection. I'm close to owning 400 NES games... But sadly I don't have the income to buy the NWC Gold Cart.

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