2-player RPG?


Hmm. I'm not sure if there are ANY 2-player RPG video games, no matter the platform. Yoshi's Wolly World has great co-op.

I think Monster Hunter 3? But you also need the game on a 3DS to play multiplayer.
well, my daughter and i played Hyrule Warriors for well over 100 hours. Not rpg, but co-op for sure. We love Woolley World too.

You want a good multiplayer for wii? Ill come outta left field with Fortune Street. Just check it out. Y'all may like that
Not really an "RPG" per say but Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is on the Wii and I thought that was an awesome game.

The sequel is on it as well, but I've only played the Xbox 360 version.
I am not sure but i think that monster hunter 3 can, fantastic game. Enjoy !

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