2048: Doge Version


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Jul 16, 2014
I know the limelight for the Doge meme has passed, but lately, I've been obsessed with the Doge version of 2048. I find it more fun than the original 2048, because I feel like the Doge version actually encourages me to try and beat the game. So far, I've only been able to get to the Doge picture with sunglasses. Has anyone else played the Doge version of 2048? Do you like it more than the original?
Gross.. Doge is dead now..
2048 is neat I guess but It's just not my thing personally.
*shrug* I think Doge is still pretty cute. But, I get your sentiments. Memes are ephemeral.

Also, I like 2048, because I enjoy playing puzzle games with numbers. But, everyone has different tastes! :)
Doge is still alive, because Dogecoin is still alive. Or is it?
YES! I have that and it's the only reason why I even bother with 2048. I'm one of the people who's still there worshipping doge after he's gone. I actually found the doge version kinda of fun so I downloaded the normal one. It's not bad but I primarily tend to play doge version just because. Eventually 2048 will lose it's glamour like doge give or take a few months but 2048's popularity will never rise above doge's, I mean, is there a 2048 themed bitcoin? I sure hope not o_O
Ugh, with the Doge. We're better than this, you guys. Wow. Much retro. So amaze.
i have heard of this game i just do not know what it is, the pix of this game look like some saga game :/

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