3 Underrated Action Games on PlayStation consoles

Damien Lee

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Jun 17, 2015
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Sony's PlayStation consoles have enjoyed a leadership position (for the most part) ever since the brand was launched. The best part is the wide support from developers which always guarantees some interesting and unique games.

It's no secret that all the PlayStations have become something of JRPG machines. All the big Japanese RPG developers & publishers have supported Sony's consoles but also handhelds, extensively.

But what about action titles? Well, support has been strong there too and there have been a few oddball titles. I'll start with the PS1 and end with the PS3, pointing out 3 of the most underrated action games that should be played by all PlayStation owners.
  1. Silent Bomber by Bandai / CyberConnect2 (PS1)
  2. Gungrave Overdose by Sega / Red (PS2)
  3. Vanquish by Sega / Platinum Games (PS3)
They are all over-the-top action titles that just didn't receive the love they deserved. If you haven't played them, hunt these titles down and enjoy some serious hard boiled action.

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