30 Years of Super Mario Bros!


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Apr 29, 2014
Super NES
Mama Mia! Its a been thirty years to the day since Super Mario Bros was first released on Nintendo's Famicom in Japan! Thirty years, dats a lotta stomped goombas! ;)

That's insane! It's interesting to look back and see how much Nintendo has evolved with the years and the difference between 30 years of Super Mario Bros!

You bring an interesting thought: How many Goombas have been stomped?
Awww, I missed Super Mario's birthday! XD Who knew that an Italian Plumber and his brother would become such a huge sensation.

We should all celebrate by watching the Super Mario movie... Just kidding. ;)
John Leguizamo was not a good fit for Koopa in that movie. I think they should do a reboot of the movie, and use C.G.I. instead. The following is still big enough that it would pull a lot of dollars in the box office. What do you guys think?
@LegendofImelda honesly, I think Nintendo needs to stop with the grudge against Hollywood! Okay, the Super Mario Bros. sucked but come on, we need another Mario movie, a Zelda movie, a Metroid movie... There's so many hits just waiting to be made.
John Leguizamo played Luigi and not Koopa, but I totally agree that he was miscast regardless!

Dennis Hopper played Koopa, and I honestly think that he was quite entertaining (gloriously over-the-top) and one of the film's highlights!

Honestly, the biggest problem with the Super Mario Bros movie is that it's called Super Mario Bros! Take the same movie, change its title and its characters' names, alter the aspects of the movie that are actually true to the games and we have a fun light popcorn summer fantasy flick from the people who gave us Max Headroom! (Which is why the movie kind of looks like an episode of Max Headroom.)

Oh, and I'm also totally down for good Metroid and The Legend of Zelda movies! ;)
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