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Dec 13, 2017
Anyone here still uses the 3D function of 3DS? I tried using it before with other games. I think that's where I got my astigmatism or got my eyesight worse. :sick:
very few games i played that i could stand it for long. Majora's Mask, Luigi's Mansion. Most games just really hurt my old eyes. It's a cool feature but ouch sometimes
Only tried a couple of times. Never did it for more than 60 seconds. I think 3D is a gimmick and I don't like it.

With that being said, I also don't like movies in 3D, so maybe that's just me.
Yeah, I think it's a useless gimmick on their part that's why they released 2DS. I don't like 3D movies as well because it's too inconvenient for me to wear two glasses (one I wear for daily use and the 3D glasses).
It may be because I wear glasses, I don't know. I never could use the 3d feature at all until I got the "New" 3DS XL. The head tracking tech really helped me to be able to use it. But I have been greatly disappointed in the fact that very few games actually effectively use the 3D tech. Street Fighter 2 3d is about the best I have seen on the system so far with the exception of the Mario games. Most of the 3rd party games that I have tried, look flat. There may be those moments, but a majority of the game itself just looks like you are looking into a window that has some depth.
I never use 3D. To me it ruins the games and seems like a tacked on gimmick.

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