3DS Direct impressions


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Jun 27, 2016
Ok so I watched the whole direct and It was amazing as always with surprising games coming out.

I am definitely gonna get Super Mario Maker 3DS as well as Yoshi's Wolly World and that Pikmin 3DS game too!

The only downside to this direct is how lame the acting and the humor is in the direct. Other than that, great stuff going on.

To me, I think it looks like they still are gonna keep making games for the 3DS.
i was having trouble getting the videos. Is it the same Yoshi, Pikmin and Mario Maker the wii u has?
Took them long enough to increase the streetpass plaza limit.

Will be buying the OoT and 8 bit Link amiibos.

Mario Maker on 3ds seems reasonable to me.

Pikmin for 3ds sounds interesting.

Can't wait for the new AA game.

Everything else held no interest for me.
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I want Ever Oasis yes I am excited for SMT and DQ but those I have known about. So nothing announced I gave a shit about.
I have waited a long time for Ace Attorney 6. Avoiding the spoilers was harder than I thought XD

I got lucky because my friend is planning to buy Shin Megami Tensei 4 Apocalypse so we are sharing on that. I have been playing Shin Megami Tensei 4 and managed to get all four endings, so I think I am ready for the sequel.

Disappointed that Dragon Quest 8 got delayed, but at least 7 is still coming out in this month. It is during time like this that I wish I can understand the Japanese language because of all the games that I couldn't play because there's no localization for them. The japanese version for Dragon Quest 8 for 3ds has been out since last year! And we need to wait for another year! Bummer......
i was having trouble getting the videos. Is it the same Yoshi, Pikmin and Mario Maker the wii u has?
The Mario Maker is pretty much the same but you can't upload 3DS levels to the internet so you can only play Wii u levels.

Yoshi Woolly world 3DS is like the Wii U version only with more levels with the dog.

Pikmin 3DS is a side scroller. I fear for Pikmin because the same thing happened to Chibi Robo.
@Nomekop The difference between Chibi Robo and Pikmin is that the former didn't sell so well after the first game came out whereas Pikmin sold really well throughout.
i just finished Woolley World and it was awesome but I'm ready to tread some new waters. Same with Mario Maker. The Poochy amiibo is awesome though!

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