3DS failing speaker/3D ribbon cable


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Oct 11, 2017
Please help me fix this nintendo 3ds.
It all started with click and popping sound before shutting off, due to a failing speaker/3d ribbon cable.
Replaced it but finished having 3d not working maybe replacement ribbon cable faulty.
I made a mistake formatting console since then I could not get past inizial setup screen, locked with 3d calibration, since 3d was not working.
Tried second speaker cable (I had purchased 2 on ebay in case of problems), still 3d not working!
2 upon 2 ? Possible? Anyway asked seller to send me a replace but meanwhile I have noticed that 3ds won't charge battery.
Red light comes on for a few seconds with no battery inserted, doesn't light up at all with battery in.
Checked continuity on f1 and f2 fuses and on em1 charge filter with multimeter, everything seems ok...
Could anybody please help me solve both issue? 3d not working and console not charging?
Thanks in advance
You won't find anyone here who can help you mod your system.

Your only choices are to either buy a new one or go to sites like GBAtemp to help you out.

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