3DS XL doesn't charge properly?

Maria Ponomariov

New Member
Mar 11, 2016
Hi, first timer here... I was wondering- I have my 3ds xl for a few years now, and it never seems to charge continuously while open (as in not "folded", I guess). It charges just fine while closed, the charging light is on without interruption. However the moment I open it, the light starts blinking and the battery icon in the top right corner won't show the charging sign all the time (as in it will sometimes show it for a brief moment and then it'll go back to just showing low battery). I also noticed that when I turn it off and it remains open, the light isn't blinking and it seems as if the console is charging properly.

Has anyone come across this? Is that even normal?
Maybe it's a problem in the charger? Does it charges when the charger cable is in any weird position? My tablet was doing something similar to that and I thought it was any problem with the tablet itself but after all was the charger.
Nothing like that... It's literally in the same position, especially when the console is open and the only difference is that it's on/off :(
Maybe it's better if you take it to the store... or wait until someone more experienced helps, as I don't know what might be :/

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