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May 26, 2015
I'm about to sell my A Link Between Worlds 3DS XL, and part of the selling point is the already redeemed game code for A Link Between Worlds.

My concern is any of my personal information that will be on there. I have read that if you do a factory reset I will lose all data, so I'm trying to find some kind of workaround. I'd prefer to not leave any of my personal info, but leaving the game. Is that possible?

I've also read it's all linked to your eshop account, would there be any way of converting the eshop account on my DS into a throw away account, so that it wouldnt matter if I kept it on there?

Or, am I worrying too much and there is nothing really that sensitive on the DS in the first place and I can sell it without deleting anything? Thanks in advance!
have you put a credit card # in for eshop purchases? i've had my identity stolen so I'm always weary. Having said that, Nintendo seems to be super strict concerning this subject. i know i would love to transfer games from my 3ds to my child's, but its not happening.

i would email Nintendo. Supposedly they are making good on e-purchases that get lost,etc. Maybe they have an easy solution
Your digital purchases are tied to your eShop account, not the system. So you would technically be selling your eShop account together with your 3DS. Have you purchased any Wii U games with this account?

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