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Oct 15, 2012
Does anyone here own both the original 3DS and 3DS XL?

I am really curious to know if the quality of the top screen of 3DS XL is worse than the original 3DS screen. I understand that both systems run the same resolution (and I don't understand idiots who complain that XL should have had a higher resolution screen, since that would break backwards compatibility and screw original 3DS owners). So I just wonder if the picture quality suffers because the XL screen is so much bigger than the original.

Do the games look washed out? Pixelated? Darker/lighter? This will play into my decision of which system to get.
I havent had a problem. There is a slight noticeable difference in some games (Ocarina of Time) and then in some there appears to be no difference at all. If your looking to buy a 3DS definately get the XL, it is a far more comfortable and the screen is much less tolling on the eyes. Games like NSMB2 and animal crossing have no difference between systems, at least that is noticeable. Also the larger SD card is a big bonus.
The XL is the superior choice in every field except for portability. Not only are the screens larger(obviously), and as you said, the battery is better, but:
  • It isn't a fingerprint magnet, since it has a matte finish as opposed to the original's glossy exterior
  • The Select / Home / Start buttons are actual buttons instead of buttons under a flexible plastic strip that may become dented through misuse
  • The issue with the original where the edge of the bottom screen would dig into the top screen if you didn't add bumpers, stick an eyeglass cloth between the screens, or didn't carry it in your pocket has been mostly fixed
  • DS games look better in their original ratio when you use that option
The only thing I don't like about the XL is how it looks slightly like a toy when compared to the original model. There's something about it that seems more upscale(especially the aqua and purple models).
I agree, the original models looked way more upscale then the XL. I don't have an XL, but my friend does, but I use his a lot. I will get one when y original becomes broken.

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